This category covers information relating to the way the institution is governed and how decisions are made. It includes information on the legal status of the institution, which individual member of staff or group within the organisation is responsible for specific functions and where they fit in the overall structure of the organisation.

Legal Framework 

Information on how the institution was established and its standing from a legal perspective

Institutional Charter & Statutes:

Charter & Statutes

Governance Structure 

The institution's governance structures and related operational procedures

Description of Statutory Bodies (e.g. Court, Academic Council, Alumni Association). Arrangements for appointment to statutory bodies. Standing Orders or other similar documents describing operational procedures:

Court - Website
Court - Members
Court - Statutes
Court - Standing Orders
Academic Council - Website
Academic Council - Ordinance 66
Academic Council - Standing Orders
Court Appointments Committee - Ordinance 62
Alumni Association - Ordinance 59

Governance precepts

The institution's arrangements for compliance with good governance precepts

Governance Handbook:

Governance Handbook

Financial Statements:

Financial Statements

Auditors (*):

Internal Auditors
External Auditors

The University follows the guidelines for good governance in the Scottish Code for Good Higher Education Governance (*):

Scottish Code for Good Higher Education Governance

Conflict of interests policy 

The institution's conflict of interests policies

The Governance Handbook contains information on the circumstances in which members of the governing body are expected to declare potential conflicts of interest:

Governance Handbook 

Register of interests

Institutional register of interests

Register of interests for members of the governing body:

Register of Interests

Institutional structure

A description of the institution's major organisational units and how these relate to each other

Description the institution's major organisational units and how these relate to each other.

Organisational Chart (PDF 248 kb)

Contact information, responsibilities/activities and staff details for major organisational units:

Academic Faculties
University Services

Major committees

The activities of major committees with devolved decision-making powers

Memberships and remits of University Court and Academic Council:

Court - Statutes
Academic Council - Ordinance 66
Court and Council Membership

Remits of other committees:

Committee Remits and Compositions 

 Details of current committee membership are available on request from Policy & Planning, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA.

Minutes of meetings of Court and Council (from 1/9/2004):

Academic Council Minutes:

Academic Council Minutes (from 2004 onwards)

University Court Minutes:

University Court Minutes (from 2004 onwards)

Relationship with the General Council

The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationship with its General Council (or similar statutory bodies representing its graduates)

Agreements, protocols, etc governing the institution's relationship with the Alumni Association (the University’s equivalent of a General Council).
Details of Alumni Association representation on institutional committees etc, and any institutional representation on Alumni Association Union bodies or committees:

The Charter
The Alumni Association - Ordinance 59
The Conference - Ordinance 65

General Council

Information on the operation and activities of the General Council

Constitution, Code of Practice, and any other related documents about the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association - Ordinance 59

Subsidiary companies

Information on the names, addresses, broad functions and purposes of companies where the institution is a majority shareholder

Terms and Conditions

Stirling Hotel Services Ltd

Publication Schemes of the University's publicly owned companies:

Publication Scheme for Stirling Salmon Ltd (PDF 105 kb)
Publication Scheme for AndStrat (No. 359) Ltd (PDF 106 kb)
Publication Scheme for Machrinhanish Marine Farm Ltd (PDF 106 kb)
Publication Scheme for Stirling Aquaculture Ltd (PDF 105 kb)
Publication Scheme for SURE SHELF\1 Ltd (PDF 106 kb)
Publication Scheme for Incite Technology Ltd (PDF 113 kb)
Publication Scheme for Stirling University Residential Accommodation Ltd‌ (PDF 114 kb)
Publication Scheme for SUIP Ltd

Honorary degrees

Policies, procedures and awards of honorary degrees

The policy relating to Honorary degrees is detailed in Ordinance 16:

Honorary Degrees - Ordinance 16

List of honorary degree awards:

Honorary Graduates


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