Dr Deepayan Bhowmik


Computing Science 4B88, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA, United Kingdom.

Dr Deepayan Bhowmik

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About me

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Division of Computing Science and Mathematics at University of Stirling and responsible for Stirling Vision and Image Processing Laboratory (SVIP). I hold a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK). On previous occasions I worked as a lecturer in Computing at Sheffield Hallam University, a research associate at Heriot-Watt University, & the University of Sheffield and a systems engineer in ABB Ltd.

I received more than £1M grants from various research councils and industries. My professional leadership responsibilities include roles of a) Program director for MSc in Big Data and MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI), b) Cybersecurity research theme leader for Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA), c) Leader of the Stirling Vision and Image Processing (SVIP) research group, and d) Chair of the Ad-hoc-Group of the JPEG international standardisation on media blockchain.

I'm looking for bright candidates interested in PhD, internship, MSc and Honors project. Be in touch with me for further information.