Dr Rosie Mangan

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Dr Rosie Mangan

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About me

I am currently a BBSRC funded post doctoral researcher on the ENhancing Diversity to Overcome ReSistance Evolution project.

I completed my PhD in Entomology at University College Dublin in 2013, developing a biological control program for aquatic invasive plants in Ireland. I moved to Rhodes University, South Africa to examine the genetic basis of performance differences in plants and their natural enemies between the native and introduced ranges.

I then became interested in the problems associated with mismanagement and widespread overuse of pesticides and the need for more sustainable agricultural practices. Since 2016 I have worked on improved approaches for environmentally sensitive control for pests of conifer forests across Northern Europe (Maynooth University, Ireland), investigating new integrated pest management techniques in arable and horticultural crops (Teagasc and University College Dublin, Ireland), and the prevalence of insecticide resistance genes in major arable crop pests (Teagasc, Ireland).

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