Mrs Puja Chatrath

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Mrs Puja Chatrath

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My current research revolves around 'challenges faced by new migrants entering workplace communities'. As a result of media, cultural influences, and historic events, we as a global society have come to believe that obstruction in several aspects are imposed only by the natives of a host country on the immigrants; resulting in us failing to acknowledge the internal differences in attitudes among different migrant communities in organisations. Sometimes, the lack of opportunities for new migrants could be internally manifested within their community in the organisation, and not across national boundaries. The obstacle faced by the new migrants and long term immigrants is their inability to demonstrate their skills and utilise the resources which are available to them in an organisation, which is due to the hindrances present and internally created; exploring the relationship between society, people and work.

My research interests include migrants' lived experiences; workplace communities'-their relationships ; organisational structures ; management strategies; performance and human resource management; strategic operations.