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University of Stirling


Dr Lynsey Bunnefeld

Lecturer in Ecology, Evolution and Biodi

Biological and Environmental Sciences University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Lynsey Bunnefeld

About me

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in broad-scale biodiversity dynamics. Initially, my research involved global scale analyses of vertebrate species. More recently, I have shifted focus to the population level to gain a better understanding of the processes driving diversity patterns. Most recently, I have developed population genomic tools to infer cross-species community assembly patterns. My future research program will continue to develop population-level approaches to predicting biotic responses at the species level and above. The population is the fundamental unit at which we observe responses to environmental change and should be the unit for which we make predictions about a species' capacity to respond to change. A disconnect currently exists between research above and below the species level, largely because few population biologists study multiple species and incorporating intraspecific variation into comparative models among species is a daunting task. My research bridges this gap. I am interested in integrating genomic, ecological and climatic data to understand broad scale diversity dynamics, for example, 1) to get to grips with the relationship between genetic diversity and adaptive capacity, 2) to characterise the stability of communities through time, 3) to identify the appropriate scale for management decisions for species' conservation and 4) to quantify the lag in species' responses to local environmental change. I am a member of the BES Equality & Diversity committee and care about creating a compassionate workplace for all. I teach across the curriculum at BES including modules on statistics, biodiversity, ecology and biogeography.

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