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University of Stirling

Dr Richard Quilliam

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Buckerfield SJ, Waldron S, Quilliam RS, Naylor LA, Li S & Oliver DM (2019) How can we improve understanding of faecal indicator dynamics in karst systems under changing climatic, population, and land use stressors? - Research opportunities in SW China. The Science of the Total Environment, 646, pp. 438-447.


Swinscoe I, Oliver DM, Gilburn AS, Lunestad B, Lock E, Ørnsrud R & Quilliam RS (2018) Seaweed-fed black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae as feed for salmon aquaculture: assessing the risks of pathogen transfer (Forthcoming/Available Online). Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.

Book Chapter

Sizmur T, Quilliam R, Puga AP, Moreno-Jiminez E, Beesley L & Gomez-Eyles JL (2016) Application of Biochar for Soil Remediation. In: Guo M, He Z, Uchimiya SM (ed.). Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Biochar: Advances and Barriers. SSSA Special Publication, 63, Madison, WI, USA: Soil Science Society of America, Inc., pp. 295-324.

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