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Mr Brian Minikin

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Brian R.G. Minikin B.Phys Ed (Hons), M.Sc., P.G.C.H.E.A career in sport spanning close to 40 years has resulted in an accumulation of experience and knowledge of sport and sport organisations that made me appreciate how important good governance and the selection of competent and inspirational leaders is to the successful development of a sport and its controlling bodies.

Professionally I have worked in the Australian sporting environment as a trainer, coach, administrator and exercise scientist, transferring this to the Pacific Region, adding cultural awareness and sensitivity to a need to communicate effectively to maintain networks and partnerships. To illustrate, since moving to Fiji in 1996, I was influential in establishing viable sport development initiatives and policies and as a direct result, the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) have developed a strong presence within the Olympic Movement with many initiatives being adopted globally by the Olympic Movement and applied to other parts of the world.

I have facilitated the development of strategic plans for several sport organisations through a workshop and competency based approach. This has included work on environmental auditing, the creation of missions and visions and the development of appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In addition, I am the originator of a Readiness Assessment Tool that underpins the strategic development of sport organisations in the Pacific. This is now a web application that is soon to be adopted by the International Olympic Committee for use in National Olympic Committees worldwide.

Policy Development: During the past 20 years I have been instrumental in establishing national sports policies for seven sovereign nations through the process of employing extensive research and consultation and including a series of national sports summits to finalise a document by which a government might base its approach to sport.

I am constantly required to provide policy and planning advice to event organisers and sport organisations of all sizes and ambitions. Team development and coaching: I have extensive paid and voluntary experience as a coach and team trainer across a variety of sports.

I have accumulated both elite and development coaching experience in Rugby, Swimming, Athletics and Volleyball and most recently was the technical adviser to the Fiji Women's National team, the Kulawai, ( Prior to moving to the Pacific I worked with Australian men's and women's teams as a trainer and a technical advisor in a number of sports and was responsible for establishing the ACT Academy of Sport Volleyball Program that has produced a number of fine national representatives.

Relevant sport history.Volleyball: State coach Junior and Senior - Tasmania and ACT.Coaching advisor for national teams Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu.FIVB Level 1 Coach InstructorClub coach - Western Australia, Tasmania and ACT.

Basketball: Trainer - Canberra Cannons (National Basketball League) Netball: Trainer - ACT Netball Team Cricket: Trainer - World Series Cricket, Australian team. Rugby: Trainer - Ikale Tahi preparations for 1995 World Cup Boxing: Trainer and advisor - National team and Association Athletics: Coach and Trainer - National Teams of Tonga. Tasmania Junior Team. Fitness: Established the first National Fitness Centre in Tonga. Fitness Advisor to HM the King of Tonga. Fitness Assessment and counsellor, in Western Australia and South Australia. Swimming: Coach and Trainer of Olympic swimmers from Fiji and the Federated states of Micronesia. Royal Life Saving Society Instructor and Examiner. Extensive experience in learn to swim programs. 7.

Awards Alberto Madella Research Award. ONOC 25th Anniversary Distinguished Service Award. FASANOC 50th Anniversary Distinguished Service Award. Solomon Islands Medal. Australian Sports Commission `Excellence in Sports Award'. ACT Volleyball Merit Award - Establishment of the ACT Academy Volleyball Program. Read more at: