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University of Stirling


Dr Alison Jasper

Senior Lecturer

Religious Studies Stirling,

Dr Alison Jasper

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About me

Teaching: Coming into the academic profession with over ten years’ experience of school teaching, I have continued to take an interest in professional education and continually look for ways to challenge and improve my own practice. I have received nominations for RATE awards in undergraduate teaching every year since 2012. Undergraduate Modules which I currently convene or to which I contribute: REL911: Religion, Ethics and Society (Intro Level 8, avg. 160 students): REL913: Religion in Culture: Problems of Representation (Intro Level 8, avg. 80 students): REL914: Theory and Method in Religion (Core Course Level 9, avg. 50 students) REL9C6: Religion and Critical Theory (Core Course Level 10, avg. 20 students) REL9AD: CONVENOR Introduction to Christianity (Option Level 10, avg. 20 students) REL9GE: CONVENOR Religion and Gender (Option Level 10, average 18 students) REL9AB: CONVENOR Reading the Bible (Option Level 10; average 20 students) REL9ZX: Honours Dissertation (Core Course, double weighted, Level 10, avg. 15 students): REL9CB: CONVENOR Christianity and the Body (Option Level 10, avg. 20 students) Taught Postgraduate Programmes to which I contribute: MLitt/MSc - Gender Studies Masters of Research in Translation

Research Supervision- current and non-current: I have attracted a significant number of research postgraduates and facilitated masters dissertations in my field. The majority of these students are working or have worked on topics directly related to my own work in gender, feminist analysis and religion.

Principle Supervisor: Fiona Darroch M Litt – Postcolonial Literature & Religion - 2002. Nahla Hassan M Litt - A Comparative Study of Muslim and Christian Reform Discourses Relating to Women with Particular Reference to Egypt and England in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries - March 2012. Rebecca Kirk Hudson MPhil - American Evangelical Christianity and the Sexual Body, March 2013. Raza Luzyte PhD - A Thealogy of Mary: The non-Christian Myth of Mary, the Shadow of Mary and an Individual Connection to the Divine Self through Mary - June 2014. Miryam Clough PhD - Shame: the Church and Female Sexuality - November 2014.

Second Supervisor:
Maria Bittarello (PhD - The Re-creation of Ancient Classical Religions on the World Wide Web: Neopaganism as Contemporary Mythopoesis - 2007 Kenneth Greenhalgh PhD - On Reading Narcissistic Texts: An Object Relations Theory View of the Life and Works of Søren Kierkegaard - 2008 Katja Neumann PhD – The Poetics of Prayer in Dorothee Soelle - November 2014. Postgraduate Examining: PhD 7 - Internal Examiner 2 - External Examiner Doctorate in Practical Theology 1 – External Examiner Masters Upgrade 2- External Examiner MTh (Research) 1- External Examiner

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