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Dr Francis Murray

Research Fellow

Institute of Aquaculture Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Francis Murray

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About me

Dr Francis Murray is a research fellow and member of the farming systems group in the Institute of Aquaculture (IoA). He has 18 years experience in aquaculture related fields encompassing industry, academic research, rural development and consultancy (Stirling Aquaculture). This has given him a broad inter-disciplinary perspective on the aquaculture sector and a detailed understanding of the interaction of market, technology, management, and the physical, social and economic environment. He has a background in the design, commissioning and management of recirculation systems for a range of cold and warm water species. He has spent the last two years studying the potential for the culture of tilapia in the UK, considering different types of rearing systems, products and markets culminating in feasibility studies for potential adopters. Prior to this he has gained experience in both commercial aquaculture production (Scotland and Ireland), and in a wide variety of tropical systems in Asia and West Africa. He was based in Asia for six years working with CARE International (Sri Lanka) and the World Fish Center (Malaysia) conducting action research on potential for poverty-focussed aquaculture in mutliple-use common property systems (irrigation systems and wetlands) in sites including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Mali in West Africa.Current projects include &lsquoTilapia Scotland&lsquo. With Scottish Enterprise funding, this project is mentoring local adopters to develop small-scale recirculation systems targeting premium local markets for this novel warm-water species. SEAT (Sustaining Ethical Aquaculture) is a large-scale EU funded (FP7) collaborative project which will run from 2009 - 2013. The project will explore the sustainability of the rapidly expanding international trade in four key farmed aquatic commodities (pangasius catfish, tilapia, peneid shrimp, machrobrachium prawns) from Southeast and South Asia to the European Union.

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