Dr Michael Walsh

Senior Lecturer

Management, Work and Organisation University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Michael Walsh

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About me

I am member of Stirling Institute for Health (and inaugural chair from 2009 - 2012), the Operational Research Society and Member of the Institute for Consulting (Savoy Court, Strand London WC2R 0EZ). My expertise in Critical Systems Thinking, action research and participative planning and problem solving underpins my R&D (extrnally funded at more than £500,000 from 2008 to 2012). My previous employment includes:

Charge nurse at Lodgemoor Sheffield, specialising in the care of older people to postgraduate level; postgraduate researcher in the Department of Management Systems, University of Hull, investigating the process and conditions for level playing field dialogue between older blind people and NHS professionals on quality of health services from a critical systems perspective; Research assistant in the Institute of Health Studies on an ESRC funded investigation of risk management by health and social care organisations; Co-ordinator of the human ageing programmes in the School of Health at the University of Hull; Acting director of the Community Operational Research Unit at the University of Lincoln; Freelance research and management consultant; Co-ordinator of the User Centred Research Programme (RWA, RV9) at Humber Mental Health / Sheffield Medical School, on behalf of seven NHS Trusts and 3 Universities.

I came to Stirling in November 2006 to take up a lectureship in management science. I am a keen armchair astronomer, a keen Ochil gazer and I am strongly motivated by issues of justice and a desire to help people.