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Dr John Taggart

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Aquaculture Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr John Taggart

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About me

John Taggart has over 30 years involvement in genetics / genomics studies, mainly, but not exclusively, involving fish species. During this period he has held post-doctoral positions at a number of Institutions (Queen's University, Belfast; Trinity College Dublin; University of Oxford and Stirling University). Work has encompassed development of DNA markers, population genetics, behavioural genetics of fish spawning, DNA profiling to identify families and individuals, genome mapping, QTL studies, the design, construction and application of gene expression microarrays and the exploitation of NGS methodologies. He led the UK components of the EU-funded SALMAP and SALGENE projects, which laid the foundations for Atlantic salmon genomics and transcriptomics and has been involved in other EU funded projects including BASSMAP (Genetic mapping of the sea bass genome) and GEL (Genetic enhancement of lobsters). As a PI he has received both NERC (Genetics of pollutants in flounder) and BBRSC funding (grants on genetic & genomic aspects of IPN resistance in farmed Atlantic salmon) and was also the lead researcher on the BBSRC funded TRAITS project (2003-2007) which developed and exploited both cDNA and oligo microarray resources for Atlantic salmon.

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