Dr Ruth Friskney

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Social Work Stirling

Dr Ruth Friskney

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About me

My research focuses on the relationships between individuals and institutions, often linking to my previous experience in policy work around justice and gender-based violence.

I am currently working on CAFADA (Children and families affected by domestic abuse), an ESRC funded project looking at innovation in social care, at the University of Stirling. I also work at Glasgow University on Domestic Abuse and Child Contact: The interface between criminal and civil justice, a Scottish Government funded project.

Previous recent work includes: Constructions of children and parents during the reform of family law in Scotland, a Carnegie funded project looking at discourses around children's participation during the parliamentary process of the Children (Scotland) Act 2020;IMPRODOVA: Improving frontline responses to high impact domestic violence, an EU funded project investigating police and other frontline agency responses to domestic abuse across eight countries; Improving Justice in Child Contact, a five country European funded project seeking to enhance children’s participation in decisions that affect them.

I received my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, investigating how the police apologise in responding to public complaints.