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Dr Amanda Roestorf

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Academy of Medical Sciences Project Funding

The Academy of Medical Sciences has awarded Dr Amanda Roestorf and Dr Catherine Grainger (Principle Investigator) £25,000 for a further 6 months to fund their project on supporting prospective memory in autistic people. The funding will support planned research activities from January 2022 to June 2022.


Learning from COVID-19: Identifying Facilitators and Barriers of Everyday Functioning and Mental Health for Autistic Adults. A Community Knowledge Exchange Project.
National Autistic Society (NAS), City University London and Autistica

Dr Amanda Roestorf and Anna Lambrechts, at the Autism Research Group at City, University of London, have been awarded £7,025 by Research England's Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), to support a Community Knowledge Exchange project. The project is co-produced with autistic adults and parent-advocates of autistic people who speak few to no words. We are inviting the local community of autistic adults to share the helpful and unhelpful factors that have affected their everyday lives and well-being during the pandemic. At the end of the project we will write a brief report to share this information with the community and professionals, as a vital step to supporting autistic adults during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect their well-being. The project is supported by the National Autistic Society and Autistica to facilitate community engagement and the dissemination of the planned project outputs to their networks of autistic people and professionals working in health and social care services.

Supervision of Research Assistants

The important of self-relevant goals in the development of prospective memory in pre-school aged children.
The Carnegie Trust

The Carnegie Trust Vacation Scholarships for Undergraduates to facilitate Sarah Gardiner to complete a programme of work, under my supervision. The project will involve an online survey and time-based experimental trial of parent-child dyads to determine the influence of technological advances in everyday prospective memory development of pre-school aged children in Scotland.