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Mrs Dawn-Marie Armstrong

Tutor ASF

Sport Stirling

Mrs Dawn-Marie Armstrong

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About me


Barbados National Development Scholarship
Doctoral Studies funded by the Government of Barbados with the recognition of Sport Psychology as an area for public advancement.


Mental Skills Coach (Cricket Scotland Under-19 World Cup Team)
Ongoing work placement in fulfillment of the Professional Doctorate at Liverpool John Moores University. The team, after months of hard work and preparation, progressed undefeated through the 2019 European qualifier with a place in Group C for the 2020 International Cricket Council (ICC) tournament in South Africa.

Other Academic Activities

Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Representative (PsyPAG)
Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) Committee Member

DSEP Committee Member (PsyPAG Representative)
British Psychological Society
PsyPAG Representative on the Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP) Committee

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