Dr Christian Keitel

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Dr Christian Keitel

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About me

About me

How I became an Experimental Psychologist:

I studied Psychology at the University of Leipzig (Germany) 2003-2008, followed by a doctorate in Psychology 2008-2012, same place. After spending some postdoc time there, I moved to bonnie Scotland in 2014 to work at the Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology, University of Glasgow. Then, in summer 2019, I joined the faculty of the University of Stirling as a Lecturer in Psychology.

At Stirling Psychology I am currently a member of the Learning and Teaching Committee as well as a member (Interim Co-chair) of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC).


I keep an unwavering interested in how our visual system deals with ongoing dynamic stimulation as we experience it in our everyday lives. I also undertake frequent excursions into the areas of multi-sensory processing, intrinsic brain rhythms and, most recently, relationships between rhythmic brain activity and other physiological signals (pupil diameter, for example). Stirling's Mobile Cognition focus allows me to take my research out of the lab and into the "real world".

Project Supervision: I gladly supervise PhD and Dissertation projects (Under- and Postgraduate) that align with my research interests and expertise. Please get in touch.

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2019 | Introduction to Psychology I (PSYU911)

2020 - ... Elective: Rhythms of the Brain (Practical Elective in PSYU9X7)

2021 - ... Research Methods (PSYU914)

2021 - ... Statistics Tutoring (Practical Elective in PSYU9X8)

During the spring semester I also offer a handful of Research Assistant positions for final year students. Typically, these evolve around a project that requires recording and analysing brainwaves.

Project Supervision: I gladly supervise PhD and Dissertation projects (UG and MSc) that align with my research interests and expertise - see 'Research' and get in touch.

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