Dr Matthew Kerry

Lecturer in European History

History Stirling

Dr Matthew Kerry

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About me

I am a social and cultural historian of modern Spain and much of my work examines the meaning and practice of politics in everyday life. My first book, Unite, Proletarian Brothers! Radicalism and Revolution in the Spanish Second Republic, was published in open access in 2020 and I've discussed my work on podcasts and in blogposts as well as in academic articles.

Before setting out on an academic career, I briefly worked as an English teacher in Oviedo in northern Spain and studied for an MA in Contemporary History at the Universidad de Zaragoza (2011). I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield (2015) and after a stint teaching at Loughborough I moved across the pond to Toronto to take up a position as postdoctoral fellow at York University. After a year of sampling baked goods with holes in the middle and with little improvement in my skating skills, I crossed back across the Atlantic to join Durham University. After Durham, I spent a period as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Ibero-American Studies at the University of Leeds and as a DAAD fellow at the Institute for Social Movements in Bochum, Germany, during which I undertook a thorough sampling of the region's famed currywurst. I joined Stirling in 2019.

I am spending spring 2022 at the Universidad de Granada as a Royal Society of Edinburgh Saltire Fellow

Appointments and Memberships

  • Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History, University of Edinburgh (2020-2)
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh Saltire Fellow, Universidad de Granada (2022)
  • [Former] Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds (2018-20)

Principal Publications

Unite, Proletarian Brothers! Radicalism and Revolution in the Spanish Second Republic, 1931–1936, London: University of London Press, 2020.

with Alex Paulin-Booth, 'Activist Times: Temporality and Political Action in Twentieth-Century Europe', edited special issue of European Review of History, vol. 28, no. 4 (2021).

"Los boicots en la primavera del Frente Popular: crisis comunitaria y justicia popular en la Asturias de 1936", forthcoming in Historia Social.

"The Bones of Contention: The Secularization of Cemeteries and Funerals in the Spanish Second Republic". European History Quarterly, vol. 49, no. 1 (2019), pp. 73–95

"Radicalisation, Community and the Politics of Protest in the Spanish Second Republic: Asturias, 1931–34", English Historical Review, 132, no. 555 (2017), pp. 318–343

"Painted Tonsures and Potato-sellers: Priests, Passing and Survival in the Asturian Revolution", Cultural & Social History, vol. 14, no. 2 (2017), pp. 237–255

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