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University of Stirling


Mr Denny Conway


Aquaculture Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling Stirling FK9 4LA United Kingdom

Mr Denny Conway

Contact details

About me

Senior Technician

Teaching Lab Co-ordinator

Photographer & Video Production

Digital Media Manager
Parasitology Research Group

Originally trained in stage, screen and television at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in the early 70s after working in the Glasgow shipyards, quit theatre work to become photographic General Manager for various companies in the early 80s after an incident involving a dustbin and a ‘lovie’ …

Returned to full time education in ’93 after a rewarding stint as a photographer (decided to change career while most of my clients were still solvent…), became an undergraduate here at Stirling studying Psychology and Biology after completing an Access course at Cumbernauld College. Seem to have been here ever since …

Working for the Parasitology Research Group provides many and varied opportunities for counting dots (image analysis), spots (protozoan chemotherapy trials) blobs ( oomycete/ bacterial trials) and some wiggly things ( monogeneans, cestode and nematode burdens).

Institute Digital Media provides photographic and videographic services to the Institute of Aquaculture for ‘How To,” procedural videos and publicity orientated photographs for leaflets, prospectus, web sites etc.

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