Dr David Pritchard

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Dr David Pritchard

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About me

My interests mostly lie in animal behaviour and cognition, particular in relation to cognition in natural behaviour, and how behaviour and morphology influence how animals acquire and process information. During my undergraduate and Masters work, I studied behaviour in a wide range of species, including testing visual categorisation in wild magpies, sequential learning of landmarks by navigating ants, and the plasticity of personality in great tits. My PhD research focussed on navigation and spatial cognition in wild rufous hummingbirds, investigating the kinds of information that these birds use to remember locations, and how this was shaped by their behaviour. In addition to studying cognition and natural behaviour, I am also interested in how natural selection has shaped the cognitive mechanisms underlying animal behaviour, and the interaction between behavioural biology, comparative psychology, and behavioural ecology.

Research centres/groups