Mr Alexander Kaminski

PhD Researcher

Institute of Aquaculture Stirling

Mr Alexander Kaminski

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Kaminski AM, Little DC, Middleton L, Syapwaya M, Lundeba M, Johnson J, Huchzermeyer C & Thilsted SH (2022) The Role of Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries in Meeting Food and Nutrition Security: Testing a Nutrition-Sensitive Pond Polyculture Intervention in Rural Zambia. Foods, 11 (9), Art. No.: 1334.


Short RE, Gelcich S, Little DC, Micheli F, Allison EH, Basurto X, Belton B, Brugere C, Bush SR, Cao L, Crona B, Cohen PJ, Defeo O, Edwards P & Kaminski AM (2021) Author Correction: Harnessing the diversity of small-scale actors is key to the future of aquatic food systems (Nature Food, (2021), 2, 9, (733-741), 10.1038/s43016-021-00363-0). Nature Food, 2, Art. No.: 828.