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Our own Maker Space

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Glowforge laser cutter

..coming June 2018

Maker Space

Introducing the Maker Space

Information Services is pleased to introduce the Maker Space in the University Library.  The Maker Space contains facilities for 3D scanning, 3D printing and learning about the basics of coding.

The space will be open to all students to enhance their digital creativity skills, which are increasingly relevant across all disciplines.

Our Partners

A partnership is in place with Stirling Council to provide volunteer placements for students to work in local communities (libraries and schools), supporting adults and children to learn about Maker Spaces and digital creativity.  The project aims to develop the digital skills of our students, whilst giving something back to the wider community of which we are part.

Our Volunteers

We have a small crew of interested students who are volunteering in our Maker Space.  Our volunteers will take on some aspects of the running of the Maker Space: they will help with demos / drop in sessions / inductions for new students and so on.  If you would like to be a volunteer, just drop us an email to the Information Centre.


The Maker Space is in a new space on Level 4 of the Library, next door to Training Lab 2.  Access is controlled by a keycode lock.  When you have had an introductory session from one of our staff or volunteers, you will be given the combination code so that you can access the Space yourself thereafter.

Current Equipment

  • 2 Robox 3D printers (one dual head/one single head)
  • 2 handheld scanners
  • 2 3D Doodle pens
  • Lego mindstorms kit (2)
  • 2 PCs with necessary software for scanning/ downloading designs / creating designs

Coming in June 2018

In 2017, IS put in a bid to the Stirling Fund for a Glowforge laser cutter.  We won our award and the laser cutter is on order, due for delivery in June 2018.



Maker links

Free 3D design sites


My Mini Factory


Free 3D modeling software

Tinkercad - a browser-based 3D design platform

These are some of our early attempts at 3D printing


Pangy McPangface 

one of our earliest and most successful to date 3d print jobs. 

printed from Thingiverse   


Stormtrooper tree decorations 

printed for the Library xmas tree

design from Thingiverse


King of the Beasts

red lion - missing a paw due to wonky print.  Mane is glorious though

from Thingiverse 



very successful design from My Mini Factory 

Lego Mindstorms robot

this design was built and programmed by  work experience students

Minion phone holder

nice wee print job from My Mini Factory


Door stops

including the heart breaking HODOR design

Interested in using the Maker Space?

If you're interested in using the Maker Space, please email us at or pop into the Info Centre on Level 2 of the Library (IT end).

We'll put you in touch with one of our student volunteers who will take you through the basic induction.

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