Psychology Division Undergraduate Prize Winners 2017

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The Psychology Division congratulates all students this year on their accomplishments at the University of Stirling. To celebrate these accomplishments the division offers prizes for student achievements across their course.

This year we had a wide range of exceptional candidates for the following prizes, and I hope you will help us congratulate the winners achievements alongside us.

Psychology award winners
Column one lists the awards won, column two lists the students names.
Psychology Undergraduate Prize Winners, 2017Student Name
The Alan Baddeley Prize for Best Psychology Dissertation Eva Kriechbaum
The BPS Award for the Highest Overall Grade in Psychology Louise Twyford
The Research Based Learning Prize for Outstanding Demonstration of Integrating Research into Learning. Claire Mitchell 
The George Buttersworth Prize for Outstanding Wider Achievement Siri Hartmann 
The McCall/Whittaker Prize for Outstanding Demonstration of Psychologically Literate Citizenship Aisling Gallagher Deeks and Aamina Kauser 
The Neville Moray Prize for the Best Combined Honours Psychology Student  Natalia Griem 
The Peter McEwen Prize for the Best Single Honours Psychology Student Nicole Engeler