Romuald Rouger

PhD Research Student

Prof Alistair Jump, Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin2008-2010: MSc in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (BEE) at the University of Toulouse III (France)
2007-2008: BSc in Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems (BOPE) at the University of Toulouse III (France)
2005-2007: DUT in Biology Engineering; option "Environmental management" at the University of Tours (France)

Start Date: 1st October 2010

Research Project

Saltmarshes are environments located at the interface between land and sea, which are regularly flooded by the tides and where the plant community is comprised of salt tolerant plants. The area around the UK covered by saltmarshes has decreased considerably during the past centuries due to land-claim for agriculture, urbanisation or industry. Saltmarsh restoration schemes have been implemented across the country to counteract this loss. Different parameters are typically surveyed to assess the success of a saltmarsh restoration scheme, such as species diversity and sediment accretion. However, assessment of the structure and diversity of intraspecific variation has been largely overlooked during saltmarsh restoration.

Skinflats saltmarsh

My project aims to look at the population genetics of three saltmarsh species (Triglochin maritimumAster tripoliumPuccinellia maritima) in order to investigate the development of genetic diversity and structure in restored saltmarshes around the United Kingdom.

Saltmarsh species

The questions addressed during my PhD are:

- What is the extent of genetic diversity within these three species around the UK?

- Are there differences in genetic diversity and structure between restored and natural saltmarshes?

- Where do colonists arriving on a newly restored site come from?

Published work

Rouger, R; Vallejo-Marin, M; Jump, AS; (in preparation) Development and cross-species amplification of twelve microsatellite loci for Puccinellia maritima, an important engineer saltmarsh species.

Unpublished work

Rouger, R.; Vaillancourt, RE; Potts, BM; (2010) Origin and genetic structure of an altitudinal cline differentiating two forms of Eucalyptus urnigera . MSc project report. University of Toulouse III (France) - University of Tasmania (Australia).



Rouger, R; (2013) Genetic diversity and structure of Puccinellia maritima: An important saltmarsh engineer species. SBES PhD symposium 2013, Stirling, UK.

Rouger, R; (2011) Evolution of plant genetic diversity in salt marsh vegetation. Coastal Ecology Workshop 2011, Antwerp, Belgium.

Rouger, R; (2010) Importance of plant genetic diversity in saltmarsh restoration. Coastal Ecology Workshop 2010, Conwy, UK.


Rouger, R; (2012) Genetic diversity and structure of Puccinellia maritima: An important saltmarsh engineer species. Population Genetics Group, Glasgow, UK.

Rouger, R; (2012) Evolution of genetic diversity in salt marsh vegetation. Stirling research PG poster session, Stirling, UK.

Conferences and Workshops attended:

Population Genetics Group; 18th-21st December 2013, Glasgow, UK.

International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization and Biodiversity; 7th-10th May 2012, Pruhonice, Czech Republic.

Ecological Genetics Group; 10th-12th April 2012, Edinburgh, UK.

Next Generation Plant Ecology and Evolution Workshop; 18th-19th October 2011, Edinburgh, UK.

Coastal Ecology Workshop 2011; 21st-25th November 2011, Antwerp, Belgium.

Coastal Ecology Workshop; 29th September-3rd October 2010, Conwy, UK.

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