Oyindamola Jackson

BES PhD StudentPhD Student

MSc. Environmental Managment, University of Stirling (2010)
B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology, University of Lagos (2002-2007)


Dr Jens-Arnes Subke

Start Date: 1st February 2015

3A124A Cottrell Building
Biological & Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Stirling
Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA

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Research Project

Effect of the rhizosphere on the decomposition of organic matter constituents​​ in forest soils.

Two-thirds of carbon in the terrestrial biosphere is stored in soil, mainly as decayed organic materials. Changes in global temperature, precipitation, and atmospheric CO2 concentrations all impact on processes governing C assimilation (photosynthesis), storage, and release (respiration). There is concern that soils are increasingly becoming a CO2 source as the climate warms and as land-use change results in increased soil disturbance. As atmospheric CO2 burdens are predicted to increase (IPCC 2001), CO2 fertilisation may result in increased plant productivity leading to increases in belowground C allocation and litter production. 

Understanding the relationship between microorganisms, organic matter, and environmental parameters is of pivotal importance for better evaluation of carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems and for addition of an ecological approach to carbon cycle models.

This project investigates the influence of manipulated plant productivity on the decomposition of different 13C-labelled substrates and soil CO2 efflux in temperate forest soils. Specific focus will be given to the contribution of roots and their associated ectomycorrhizal fungi to turnover of these constituents.  In addition, enzyme activities of ECM fungi will be assessed as mechanisms and controls of SOM mineralization.

This research is funded by Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Nigeria. 

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