Jessica Scriven

PhD StudentPhD Research Student

MSc Biodiversité, Ecologie et l' Environment, Université Joseph Fourier (2010)
BSc Biology with French, University of Sussex (2008)

Supervisors: Dr Matthew Tinsley, Dr Penelope Whitehorn

Start Date: 1st October 2010

3A135, Cottrell Building
Biological & Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Stirling
Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA

tel: +44 (0)1786 467831
fax: +(44) 1786 467843
email: Jessica Scriven
twitter: @jessjoyescriv

Research Project

The ecology and population genetics of a complex of cryptic bumblebee species

Bumblebees are economically and ecologically important pollinators, often considered ‘keystone’ species in plant-pollinator systems. I am using molecular techniques to investigate the differences between three sympatric cryptic bumblebee species, B. lucorum, B. cryptarum and B. magnus, which are often referred to as the lucorum complex.  In addition to increasing our knowledge of the distribution, morphology, ecological characteristics and abundance of these important pollinators, I am investigating levels of niche partitioning, to enhance our understanding of how cryptic species are able to persist in sympatry. I am also looking at the genetic diversity and population structure of these species, particularly in relation to their differing levels of ecological specialisation.


Scriven JJ, Whitehorn PR, Goulson D and Tinsley MC. Niche partitioning in a sympatric cryptic species complex. Ecology and Evolution. In Review.

Scriven JJ, Woodall LC, Tinsley MC et al. (2015) Revealing the hidden niches of cryptic bumblebees in Great Britain: Implications for conservation. Biological Conservation, 182, 126–133.

Schmid-Hempel R, Eckhardt M, Goulson D et al. (2013) The invasion of southern South America by imported bumblebees and associated parasites. The Journal of animal ecology, 823–837.

Scriven JJ, Woodall LC, Goulson D (2013) Nondestructive DNA sampling from bumblebee faeces. Molecular Ecology Resources, 13, 225–229.

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