Staff directory

Faculty Executive

Faculty Executive

Prof Maggie Cusack Dean of Faculty
Owen Adams Faculty Manager
Dr Clare Wilson Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching
Prof Andrew Tyler  Associate Dean for Research / Deputy Dean of Faculty
Dr Mario Kolberg Associate Dean for Internationalisation
tbc Director of Institute of Aquaculture
Prof Alistair Jump Head of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Prof Bruce Graham / Prof Carron Shankland Head of Computing Science and Mathematics
Prof David Donaldson Head of Psychology
Diane Dixon Personal Assistant




tbc Director of Institute: Fish Reproduction & Genetics  
Prof Sandra Adams Head: Immunology & Vaccinology
Prof James Bron Head: Parasitology
Prof Brett Glencross Nutrition
Prof Dave Little Head: Society & Technology Interface
Prof Brendan McAndrew Head: Genomics & Selection
Prof Herve Migaud Head: Breeding & Physiology
Prof Rachel Norman Aquatic Food Security
Prof Trevor Telfer Head: Environmental Management
Director of Learning & Teaching
Prof Douglas Tocher Head: Nutrition
Prof James Turnbull Head: Welfare & Behaviour
Prof Manfred Weidmann Head: Emerging Aquatic Infectious Disease

Professors Emeritus

Prof Brian Austin
Prof Hugh Ferguson
Prof Stephen George
Prof Ronald Roberts    
Prof Christina Sommerville
Prof Randolf Richards    
Prof Lindsay Ross

Senior Lecturers

Dr Mags Crumlish Emerging Aquatic Infectious Disease
Dr Michael Leaver Environmental Management
Dr Simon MacKenzie Welfare & Behaviour, Director of Research
Dr David Penman Genomics & Selection
Dr John Taylor Breeding & Physiology


Dr Amaya Albalat Welfare & Behaviour 
Dr Johanna Baily  Emerging Aquatic Infectious Disease
Dr Michael Bekaert Genomics & Selection
Dr Stefano Carboni Breeding & Physiology
Dr Andrew Davie Breeding & Physiology
Dr Andrew Desbois Immunology & Vaccinology
Dr Darren Green Welfare & Behaviour
Dr Bruce McAdam Environmental Management
Dr Oscar Monroig Nutrition
Mr Alexandre Pargana tbc
Dr Armin Sturm Parasitology
Dr John Taggart Genomics & Selection
Dr Giuseppe Paladini   Parasitology  

Research Fellows

Dr Adam Brooker
Dr Lynn Chalmers
Mr William Clark
Dr Sarah-Louise Counter Fish Reproduction & Genetics
Dr Lynne Falconer
Dr Susan Fitzer 
Dr Sophie Fridman Health & Welfare 
Dr Louise Gamble
Dr Rowena Hoare
Dr Stuart McMillan
Dr Elsbeth McStay Fish Reproduction & Genetics
Dr Francis Murray Sustainable Aquaculture
Dr Matthew Sprague Aquaculture Nutrition
Dr Sonia Rey Planellas Health and Welfare
Dr Sean Monaghan Health and Welfare
Dr Richard Newton
Dr Luisa Vera Andujar Fish Reproduction & Genetics

Honorary Academic Staff

Prof Doug Allan
Prof Felicity Huntingford    
Prof Andrew Mearns Sprague    
Dr Viv Crampton Fish Nutrition (EWOS)
Dr Andy Shinn Honorary Senior Lecturer in Parasitology

Technical Support

Dr Kerry Bartie Technician (AquaExcel)
Chelsea Broughton Technician (NAS)
Denny Conway Senior Technician
Brian Craig Technician, NACWO (Aquarium)
Rozely De Jong Technician (NAS)
James Dick Technical Manager: (Nutrition NAS)
Director of Facilities
Debbie Faichney Senior Technician (Histology)
Robyn Harris Technician
Charlie Harrower Senior Technician (Purchasing)
Jacquie Ireland Senior Technician (TSB)
Kerry Johnson Technician (NAS)  
Rachel Kay Technician (NAS)
William Leschen Research Assistant
Jane Lewis Technician (Stores)
Hilary McEwan Senior Technician (Immunology)
Elizabeth Mackinlay Senior Technician (NAS)
Graeme McWhinnie Technician (NAS)
Fiona Muir Senior Technician (Virology)
Allison Penman Technician (NAS)
Keith Ranson Senior Technician, NACWO (Aquarium)
Sian Ringrose Research Development Officer
Silvere Santos Technician (Aquarium)
Karen Sneddon Senior Technician (Target fish)
Fiona Strachan Senior Technician (NAS)
William Struthers Chief Technician: Environment
Juan Bautista Vera Perez Technician (NAS)
Rona Werner Technician (Bacteriology)
Irene Younger Senior Technician (NAS)


Ainars Blaudums Administrator and Financial Manager 
Melanie Cruickshank Financial Co-ordinator
Fiona McCarroll Administrator
Kirsten Strachan Administrative Assistant
Sandra Tulloch Administration Assistant
Anda Wright Institute Assistant
General Enquiries
Postgrad Enquiries

Stirling Aquaculture

John Bostock Manager & Senior Consultant
Iain Gatward    
David Scott    
David Currie    
Malcolm Dickson    
Trevor Meyer    
Jonathan Grubb    

Buckieburn Freshwater Research Facility

Alistair MacPhee Site Manager
James Rae Hatchery Manager 
Colin Forrest NACWO

Machrihanish Marine Environmental Research Lab

Dr William Roy Manager  
Dr David Bassett Lead Researcher  
Simon Barnett Site Engineer
Sally Boyd Senior Technician
Shannon Baikie Technician 
Chessor Matthew (NACWO) Foreman  

Biological and Environmental Sciences

Prof Alistair Jump Plant Ecology
Prof Alexandra Bayliss Archaeological Science
Prof Nils Bunnefeld Conservation Science
Prof David Copplestone Environmental Radioactivity
Prof Maggie Cusack Biomineralisation
Prof Kirsty Park Conservation Ecology
Prof Ian Simpson Geography & Environmental Sciences
Prof Andrew Tyler Environmental Science / Deputy Dean of Faculty
Prof Nigel Willby River Ecosystems
Prof Phil Wookey Ecosystem Science
Professorial Fellow
Prof Tim Whalley Cell Biology
Professors Emeritus  
Prof Donald Davidson Soil Science
Prof Grant Reid Plant Biochemistry  
Prof Keith Smith Emeritus Professor  
Prof Michael Thomas Tropical & Applied Geomorphology
Associate Professors
Dr Katharine Abernethy Tropical Ecology
Dr David Oliver Catchment Science
Dr Jens-Arne Subke Terrestrial Ecosystems & Env. Change
Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin Environmental Biology
Senior Lecturers  
Dr Peter Hunter Earth Observation
Dr Robert McCulloch Environmental Geography
Dr Richard Quilliam Environmental Biology
Dr Christian Schröder Environmental Science & Planetary Exploration
Dr Matthew Tinsley Evolutionary Ecology
Dr Clare Wilson Soil Science
Dr Michael Wyman Microbiology
Dr W Paul Adderley Geoarchaeology & Env. History
Dr Phil Bartie Geospatial Technologies
Dr Tom Bradwell Quaternary Geologist
Dr Colin Bull River Science
Dr Lynsey Bunnefeld Evolutionary Ecology
Dr Luc Bussière Evolutionary Biology
Dr Daisy Dent Tropical Ecology
Dr Jennifer Dickie Energy Geography
Dr Andre Gilburn Ecology
Dr Jenson Lim Applied Biological Sciences
Dr Sabine Matallana-Surget Applied Biological Sciences
Dr C E Timothy Paine Environmental & Ecosystems Science
Dr Kevin Petrie Applied Biological Sciences
Dr Heather Price Environmental Science / Geography
Dr Evangelos Spyrakos Earth Observation
Dr Eileen Tisdall Environmental Science
Research Staff  
Dr Jeremy Cusack Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Brad Duthie Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Sarah Greenwood Research Network Facilitator
Dr Kathryn Jeffery Researcher
Dr Francois-Xavier Joly Research Assistant
Dr Isabel Jones Research Assistant
Dr Alan Law Researcher
Mrs Dorothy McLaughlin Research Assistant
Dr Claire Neil Research Assistant
Dr Jared Parnell Research Web Application Developer
Dr Zarah Pattison Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Research Fellows  
Dr Stuart Auld Research Fellow
Dr Clare Bird Research Fellow
Dr Adam Hayward Research Fellow
Dr Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor Research Fellow
Dr Javier Medina-Sanchez Research Fellow
Dr Jeroen Minderman Research Fellow
Dr Tom Parker Research Fellow
Dr Albert Vila Cabrera Research Fellow
Dr Penelope R Whitehorn Research Fellow
Miss Jenny Abercrombie Administrative Assistant
Miss Joan Colston Administrative Assistant
Miss Lynn MacGregor Resource Co-ordinator
Technical Support  
Mr Ronald Balfour Stores/Procurement
Mr Stuart Bradley Field Technician
Mrs June Brand Research Technician
Mrs Lorna English Research Technician
Mrs Sylvia Hodgson Laboratory Technician
Mr Scott Jackson IT Support Scott Jackson
Mr George MacLeod Thin Section Laboratory / Safety Officer
Mr John McArthur GIS/Remote Sensing Support
Ms Pauline Monteith Laboratory Technician
Mr Willie Thomson Electronics Workshop
Mr Ian Washbourne Laboratory Technician
Mr James Weir Technical Manager
Research Students  
Allan Audsley Scotland’s Pockmarks: understanding the link between gas-escape features and buried carbon in fjordic systems
Anwen Bill Investigating the response of loch biota to the hydromorphological modifications of lochs
Jim Blaikie Palaeoecological reconstruction of rapid Late-glacial – Holocene environmental change for Central Patagonia, southern South America
Stéphanie Bourgeois Genetic study of forest elephants: population assignment of ivory and connectivity between National Parks
Tom Bradfer-Lawrence The maintenance of tropical bird communities in human-modified landscapes
Alice Broome Threatened woodland species: conservation policy and management
Sarah Buckerfield Understanding hydrological and land-use controls on microbial pollution & human health risks in the South West China karst region
Emmy Burd Investigating nitrogen cycling between the marine cyanobacterium Trichodesmium and its bacterial associates
Emma Bush Determining the impact of climate change on the sustainability of tourism investment and long-term strategic planning for environmental management in Gabon.
Allan Cochrane Late-glacial / Inter-glacial transition in the Northern Isles
Adriana Constantinescu Danube - Black sea flux of sediment
Anna Deasey The determinants of tree species distribution in tropical forests
Amanda-Jane Dolan Hillfort Vitrification in the Scottish Iron Age and Early Historic Period
Gavin Douglas tbc
María Encina Aulló Maestro Development and adaptation of algorithms for the estimation of carbon budget in lakes
Jonathan Fletcher Optimising Multi-Pollutant Phytoremediation Strategies to Sustainably Improve Water Quality
Nina Lindstrom Friggens tbc
Jessica Goodman The effects of chronic radiation on Daphnia pulex
Matthew Guy Seabird-mediated impacts of marine environment changes on agri-ecosystem productivity
Louisa Habermann Understanding Soil Fertility Legacies in Coigach-Assnt, North-West Scotland
Robin Hayward Community composition and recruitment to selectively logged forest in Southeast Asia
Kirsten Hazelwood Mechanisms affecting tropical tree community composition
Renée Hermans Climate impacts of blanket peat bog restoration from forestry in the Flow Country, Scotland
Oyindamola Jackson Effect of the rhizosphere on the decomposition of organic matter constituents​​ in forest soils
Paulo Manuel Kiala tbc
Rebekah Mayhew The species and functional composition of bird communities in regenerating tropical forests
David McCaughie

Sandstone Heritages: Conservation in a climate change(d) future
Assessing the future impact of climate change on sandstone broch sites in Scotland
Jennifer McKeown Sexual conflict in seaweed flies
Roseanne McDonald Greenhouse Gas Release from UK Reservoirs
Corynne McGuire Assessing the hazard from radioactive particles in the environment
Diana McLaren The effects of climate-induced flood events on the mobility and bioaccessibility of potentially harmful elements
Dorothy McLaughlin Heritage Management of Earth Built Structures
Eilidh McNab How does large scale native woodland restoration affect biodiversity?
Francesc Ferrando Molina tbc
Peter Morley Predicting changes in forest form and function in a tropical mountain region
Lucy Nevard tbc
Matthew Nuttall tbc
Christopher Orbell Ecological connectivity between Gabon’s protected areas
John Paterson tbc
Claire Paton A catchment-based approach to determine environmental controls of Cryptosporidium transfer from land to water
Chris Pollard Linking game theory and structured decision-making for the resolution of conservation conflicts
Kenneth Porter Risk-based modelling of pathogen export from agricultural catchments under a changing climate
Heather Purshouse The role of insect larvae for the sustainable management of faecal wastes in sub-Saharan Africa
Katherine Raines The impact of ionising radiation on bumblebees living within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
Javier Carrillo Reche ’On-farm’ seed priming: an ecological & sustainable disease management strategy
Erin Stoll Quantifying and predicting soil responses to rapid forest change in a tropical mountain region
Tom George Scullion Investigating the direct and indirect effects of radiation in free-living birds through measurement of feather corticosterone
Alex Seeney Linkages between riparian invasive plants, hydromorphology and salmonid fish in Scottish rivers
Emma Sheard Translating small scale ecological studies to large scale agricultural practices: breeding waders and grassland management
Heather Stewart Ice streaming, ice sheet deglaciation, and substrate properties, North Sea Basin, UK
Kathleen Stosch Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments
Isobel Swinscoe Exploiting insects as feed for sustainable salmon farming- identifying the risks of pathogen transfer within the production chain
Helen Taylor-Boyd Investigating Species Assemblages, Activity Levels and Feeding Ecology of Chiroptera Species in Anthropogenic Landscapes in Zambia
Lidia De Sousa Teixeira tbc
Shenglei Wang tbc
Kate Waters Assessing the use of geo-engineering and propagule loading for rapid macrophyte recovery in lakes
Heidi Watson-Trant Detection and tracking of harmful algal blooms in inland waters using a virtual constellation of high-resolution satellites
Robbie Whytock Assessing the effects of landscape structure on woodland birds
John Wilson Proactive Sustainable Tourism: strategies to ensure wildlife conservation and tourist satisfaction in national parks
Deborah Wood Linking carbon and iron cycles by investigating transport, fate and mineralogy of iron-bearing colloids from peat-draining rivers - Scotland as model for high-latitude rivers
Karen Zapata Evolution of another dimorphism and reproductive ecology of Solanum houstonii (Solanaceae)
Honorary Staff  
Prof Philip Boon Honorary Professor
Dr Jennifer Brown Honorary Research Fellow
John Calladine Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Geoffrey Codd Honorary Professor
Dr Paul Dale Honorary Senior Lecturer
Prof Colin Galbraith Honorary Professor
Dr Liz Humphries Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Fiona Maisels Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Chris Quine Honorary Professor
Dr Richard Tipping Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Val Turner Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Michael Usher Honorary Professor
Dr Kevin Watts Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Chris Wernham Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Lee White Honorary Professor
Prof Jeremy Wilson Honorary Professor
Mark Wilson Honorary Research Fellow

Computing Science and Mathematics

You can also take a look at our Staff Photoboard or the Office Floorplan.

NameRoleRoomExtReveal Email
Co-Heads of Division Computing Science and Mathematics 7421
Prof Bruce Graham Computing Science 4B120 7432
Prof Carron Shankland Computing Science 4B122 7444
Grace McArthur Divisional Administrator 4B112 7421
Linda Bradley Divisional Secretary 4B112 7436
Gemma Gardiner Administrative Assistant 4B112 7420
Lynn Reilly Project Administrator 4B112 7429
Prof Amir Hussain Computing Science 4X3 7437
Prof Adam Kleczkowski Mathematics 4B118 7426
Prof Rachel Norman Aquatic Food Security 4B92 7466
Prof Leslie Smith Computing Science 4B85 7435
Dr Jozsef Farkas Mathematics 4B126 7464
Dr Jingpeng Li Computing Science 4B95 7450
Senior Lecturers
Dr Andrew Hoyle Mathematics 4B90 7467
Dr Mario Kolberg Computing Science 4B123 7440
Dr Gabriela Ochoa Computing Science 4B104 7438
Dr Andrea Bracciali Computing Science 4B86 7446
Dr David Cairns Computing Science 4B87 7445
Dr Jessica Enright Mathematics 4B100 7458
Dr Simon Jones Computing Science 4B121 7434
Dr Savi Maharaj Computing Science 4B119 7431
Dr Anthony O'Hare Food Security 4B113 7427
Dr Kevin Swingler Computing Science 4B97 7676
Teaching Fellows
Kate Howie Mathematics, Consultant Statistician 4B124 7465
Dr Penny Jackson Mathematics 4B117 7451
Donald Smith Mathematics 4B115 7468
Research Fellows
Dr Ahsan Adeel Computing Science 4B128 7447
Dr Sandy Brownlee Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Lee Christie Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Saemundur Haraldsson Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Adam Linson Computing Science 4B129 7447
Dr Paul McMenemy Mathematics 4B69 7462
Dr Oleg Sheremet Mathematics 4X6 7652
Dr Amjad Ullah Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Nadarajen Veerapen Computing Science 4B69 7462
Research Assistants
Joana Carvalho Computing Science 4B127 7457
Stacia Stetkiewicz Mathematics 4B127 7457
Computing Support Group
Sam Nelson Senior Computer Officer 4B81 7443
Graham Cochrane Computer Officer 4B81 7442
Chris Grigson Computing Science 4V8 6469
Faisal Abidin Computing Science 4B128 7447
Jason Adair Computing Science 4B101 7459
Mohammad Alharbi Computing Science 4X1 7424
Liaqat Ali Computing Science 4X1 7424
Abdulrahman Al Qarafi Computing Science 4B128 7447
Omair Ameerbakhsh Computing Science 4X1 7424
Scott Bee Mathematics 4B107 7433
Lee Benson Mathematics 4B99 7448
Vincenzo Crescimanna Computing Science 4B107 7433
Kia Dashtipour Computing Science 4B128 7428
Craig Docherty Computing Science 4B99 7448
Muyao Fan Computing Science 4B101 7459
Muhamed Wael Farouq Computing Science 4B128 7428
Mandar Gogate Computing Science 4B128 7447
Kevin Graham Computing Science 4B101 7459
Muhammad Ilyas Computing Science 4B128 7428
Rick Klomp Computing Science 4B107 7433
Brian Lee Mathematics 4B106 7422
Amaryllis Mavragani Computing Science 4B101 7459
Iona Paterson Mathematics 4B106 7422
Ken Reid Computing Science 4B107 7433
Ahmed Saeed Computing Science 4X1 7424
Ashraya Shiva Computing Science 4B128 7428
Sarah Thomson Computing Science 4B101 7459
Annan Yearian Computing Science 4B101 7459
Part-time Postgraduates
Hicham Atassi Computing Science 4B128 7428
Emeritus and Honorary Professors
Prof Jon Greenman Emeritus, Mathematics    
Prof Peter Rowlinson Emeritus, Mathematics 4B115 7468
Prof Ken Turner Emeritus, Computing Science 3V1 6763
Prof Roger Bowers Honorary, Mathematics    
Prof Tariq Durrani Honorary, Computing Science    
Prof Dave Marples Honorary, Computing Science    


Academic Staff    
Prof David Donaldson Professor, Head of Psychology
Prof Hannah Buchanan-Smith Professor, Director of Learning & Teaching
Prof Christine Caldwell Professor
Prof Peter Hancock Professor, Deputy Head of Psychology
Prof Phyllis Lee Professor
Prof Ronan O'Carroll Professor, Director of Research
Prof S Craig Roberts Professor
Prof Roger Watt FRSE  Professor
Prof Lindsay Wilson Professor
Dr Paul Dudchenko Associate Professor
Dr Vivien Swanson Reader
Dr Stephan Dombrowski Senior Lecturer
Dr Elena Gheorghiu Senior Lecturer
Dr Magdalena Ietswaart Senior Lecturer
Dr Stephen Langton Senior Lecturer
Dr Freda McManus Senior Teaching Fellow
Joint Course Director (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Dr Sarah-Jane Vick Senior Lecturer
Dr Line Caes Lecturer
Dr Rachel Crockett Lecturer
Dr Sinéad Currie Lecturer
Dr Benjamin Dering Lecturer
Dr Mike Dow Teaching Fellow (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Dr Kumiko Fukumura Lecturer
Dr William Goodall Lecturer
Joint Course Director (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Dr Ross Goutcher Lecturer
Dr Catherine Grainger Lecturer
Dr Dimitrios Kourtis Lecturer 
Dr Jan Kuipers Lecturer
Carol MacDonald Teaching Fellow (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Dr Gema Martin-Ordas Lecturer
Dr Eoin O'Sullivan Lecturer
Dr Eva Rafetseder Lecturer
Dr Sobana Wijeakumar Lecturer
Dr Alex Willis Teaching Fellow (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Danielle Kelly Early Career Fellow
Dr Laura Scullion Hall Early Career Fellow
Dr Ailsa Millen Early Career Fellow
Research Staff    
Dr Mark Atkinson Research Assistant
Dr Anna Bobak Research Assistant
Dr Laura Scullion Hall Research Fellow
Dr Rebecca Leonardi SHAIR Research Fellow
Ms Wendy Maltinsky Research Fellow/Health Psychologist
Dr Vicky Mileva Research Assistant
Dr Jamie Murray Research Fellow
Dr Joanne Park Research Fellow
Dr Liz Renner Research Assistant
Dr Rebecca Sharman  Research Fellow
Dr Magali Sivakumaran Research Assistant  
Ms Anna Smith Research Fellow
Dr Damien Wright Research Fellow
Dr Pamela Rackow  Anniversary Research Fellow  
Honorary Staff    
Dr William Barnes-Gutteridge Honorary Lecturer
Dr Robin Campbell Honorary Lecturer
Dr Vicki Fishlock Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Peter Griffiths Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Prof Ivana Markova Emeritus Professor
Dr Bethan Morgan Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Bill Phillips Emeritus Professor
Prof Kevin Power Honorary Professor
Prof Helen Ross Honorary Professor
Dr Liz Williamson Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Teaching/Affiliated Staff    
Angela Carey Recognised Teacher
Dr Sue Hunter Recognised Teacher/International Summer School Module Co-ordinator
Emma Scott-Smith Recognised Teacher/Diabetes Project assistant 
Support Staff    
Federica Caruso Playgroup Leader
Linda Cullen Postgraduate Secretary
Nicola Hunt Health Secretary
Louise Lavery Administrative Assistant
Roswitha Lucht Learning & Teaching Administrator
Hazel O'Donnell Learning & Teaching Administrator
Sarah Thorburn Senior Early Years Officer
Stella Turner Division Administrator
Technical Staff    
Samuel Bennett Technician
Catriona Bruce Technician
Stephen Stewart Chief Technician
Research Students    
Georgia Alexandrou PhD Student
Yvonne Baur PhD Student 
Samuel Bennett PhD Student
Kirsten Blakey PhD Student
Heather Branigan Exploring the role of Metacognition in Enhancing Educational Outcomes in Primary School Education
Deborah Bruce MPhil Student
Laura Carey PhD Student
Lesley Craig PhD Student 
Paxton Culpepper Investigating the relationship between religiosity and the behavioural immune system.
Sophia Daoudi Mixed species communities of tufted capuchin (Sapajus apella) and squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) - a network approach.
Lucy Dickinson PhD Student
Juliet Dunstone PhD Student
Lindsay Horton CENTER-TBI: Multi-dimensional outcome assessment after traumatic brain injury.
Shubhanna Hussain-Ahmed PhD Student
Judith Jackson PhD Student
Carol Jasper PhD Student

Donna Kean PhD Student

Danielle Kelly PhD Student

Simon Ladouce Exploring mobile cognition in complex environments

Matthew Logie PhD Student

Gemma Macintosh PhD Student
Courtney McKay PhD Student  
Julie McLellan The development of an intervention to support midwives in helping patients address multiple health behaviours in pregnancy.
Jordan Miller PhD Student 
Maribel Recharte Human wildlife coexistence: Top aquatic predators in the Peruvian Amazon
Francesca Singleton PhD Student
Rebecca Skinner PhD Student
Josephine Smit African Elephants in a Landscape of Fear, Behaviour and Evolution Research Group
Catriona Snodin Developing Asset-Based Approaches to Support Behaviour Change Among People During Times of Stress
James Swaffield PhD Student 
Lizzie Webber Behavioural Development of Elephant Calves in Relation to Captive Welfare 
Charlotte Wilks PhD Student
Phyllis Windsor PhD Student
Ilaria Pina  PhD Student   
Magda Mustile  PhD Student   
Faize Eryaman  PhD Student   
Rebecca Wyper PhD Student


PhD Alumni

PhD Alumni

NamePhD TitleEmail
Dr May Mohamed Amer Remote sensing for the detection of heavy metals on irrigated crops in the Nile delta region, Egypt
Dr Rebecca Barclay Identifying and understanding thresholds of landscape change in sensitive environments  
Dr Sumayia Bashir Tanoli Costly tradeoffs of immune defence  
Dr Amani Becker Redistribution of intertidal sediment contaminants by benthic diatoms
Dr Jeff Collison Disturbance to forest soil resulting from stump harvesting  
Dr Rachael Cooper-Bohannon Using species distribution modelling as a tool for the conservation of cave-dwelling bats in Southern Africa
Dr Anna Doeser Investigating the response of in-channel biota to the hydromorphological modifications of river channels  
Dr Benneth Esiana The Carbon Store of Scottish Urban Soils
Dr Hannah Feltham Factors Influencing Pollination Limitation and Yield
Dr Gillian Flint Landscape effects on the genetic structure and demography of riparian woodlands
Dr Patricia González Diáz Development and maintenance of genetic diversity in Scots pine
Dr Sarah Greenwood Shifting species distributions in a warming world: the rising Taiwan fir (Abies kawakamii) treelines of Taiwan
Dr Caroline Griffin Ecological impacts of beach clearing
Dr Elizabeth Herridge Ornament evolution and offspring investment in female dance flies
Dr Tom Houslay Sexual selection and life history allocation in Gryllodes sigillatus  
Dr Isabel Jones Long-term ecological and carbon storage impacts on tropical forest islands created by a hydroelectric mega dam in the Amazon basin
Dr Melanie Kingsbury Providing continuous environmental reconstruction of the early Holocene climate and landscape in the Scottish North Atlantic Islands through high resolution, quantitative analysis of pollen and diatoms.
Dr Lucinda Kirkpatrick How do silvicultural practices influence bat populations in commercial coniferous plantations?
Dr Laura Kubasiewicz Ecology & conservation management of pine martens in fragmented landscapes  
Dr Alan Law Evaluation of the ecological impacts of beaver reintroduction on Scottish aquatic systems

Dr Paul Lintott Ecology and conservation of urban bats
Dr Danielle MacKenzie Immune senescence in Drosophila  
Dr Claudia Mansilla Andrade Late-glacial/Holocene vegetation history of Fuego-Patagonia, southern South America (53-55°S)
Dr Katie Murray The impact of natural enemies on the invasive harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) in the UK: testing the ability of parasites to adapt to a novel host
Dr Rosalind Murray Comparative analyses of dance fly sexual selection
Dr Pauline Pantoja Ecological genomics of introduced Mimulus
Dr Tom Parker Environmental change, carbon and nutrient fluxes in arctic and alpine ecosystems
Dr Simon Parkin The Past Ubiquity, Present Invisibility and Future Vulnerability of Scotland’s Earth-Built Heritage
Dr Caitlin Riddick Bio-optical properties and remote sensing of phytoplankton blooms in European lakes
Dr Romuald Rouger Population genetic development during saltmarsh restoration and implications for restoration practice  
Dr Jessica Scriven The ecology and population genetics of a complex of cryptic bumblebee species  
Dr Jennifer Sjölund Interactions between natural and anthropogenic impacts on the genetic diversity and population structure of European beech forests  
Dr Christopher Sneddon Long-term environmental and health implications of morphological change and sediment transport with respect to contaminants
Dr Helena Stewart Peat’s secret archive: reconstructing the North Atlantic storm frequency and volcanic eruption history of the last 10,000 years  
Dr Junyao Sun Multi-scale influence of hydrological and landscape variables on macrophyte richness and composition in UK lakes
Dr Cerian Tatchley Turbine in your backyard- wildlife impacts and public attitudes to small scale turbines  
Dr Fiona Thompson Prediction of morphological adjustment & societal response to channel instability resulting from increased flood frequency in Scotland  
Dr Adam Varley Bridging the capability gap in in situ and mobile gamma spectroscopy
Dr Anne Winther The development of sustainable communities in rural Scotland: measures and policies
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