Behaviour And Evolution Research Group: Autumn Seminars


Discussion Meetings Autumn Semester 2017




Speaker and Topic


Hannah Buchanan-Smith

Introductory meeting & Gema Martin-Ordas - False memories in short-term memories in chimpanzees.

27.09.2017 Donna Kean Sophia Daoudi - Living Wild Links: An expedition to re-establish a new long-term field station for conservation & primate research in Suriname.
04.10.2017  Elizabeth Renner Elizabeth Renner - A new, earlier, date for the arrival of modern humans in the Americas? (plus, elephants) 
11.10.2017 Christine Caldwell  Christine Caldwell - Unpicking the puzzle of distinctively human culture (with primates, pirates, plasticine, and pasta). 
Donna Kean Alexander Weiss - An open data set describing personality in the chimpanzees of Gombe National Park.
25.10.2017 No meeting - Mid-Term Break
 Donna Kean Laura Scullion Hall -  Redefining Dog Care: Working with industry to improve the welfare of laboratory-housed dogs. 
08.11.2017 Hannah Buchanan-Smith Hannah Buchanan Smith - Primate Welfare: Why should we care?

Phyllis Lee

Phyllis Lee - Are Primates Special????
22.11.2017 TBC 



No Meeting - Primate Society London Meeting
 Donna Kean Janica Niva - UFAW Presentation. 
13.12.2017 Donna Kean Lesley Craig - Impact of Species Interpretation on Attitudes to Great Ape Conservation and Welfare - THE RESULTS!

Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5.30 pm in the Psychology Common Room (3A94, Cottrell Building).

Whoever is hosting the session is responsible for:

a) Leading the session (including advance circulation of material if applicable).

b) Informing Donna of any AV equipment needed in addition to PowerPoint facilities (contact:

c) Clearing up at the end.

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