Biological & Environmental Sciences Internal Seminar Series

The internal seminar series is held on Tuesdays in Seminar Room 4U5.
Seminars start at 11am.

Daisy Dent is co-ordinating the seminar series.

Autumn 2017 Semester
DateSpeakerTitle of Presentation
03 October 2017 Christopher Orbell Ecological connectivity between Gabon’s protected areas
10 October 2017 Francois-Xavier Joly Different plant species influence litter decomposition
17 October 2017 Kirsty Park Increasing the biodiversity of the academic workplace
24 October 2017 Mid-semester reading week (23-27 October)
24 October 2017 Phil Wookey Arctic change and biospheric feedback effects
31 October 2017 Jess Goodman Investigating the effects of chronic radiation on Daphnia pulex
07 November 2017 Adriana Constantinescu Reconstructing the changing impact of the Danube on the Black Sea and coastal region (ReCoReD)
14 November 2017 Adam Hayward Life-­‐histories,infection and ageing in St Kilda Soay sheep
21 November 2017 Angus Miller Geodiversity in Scotland
28 November 2017 Stu Auld Sex, sickness and long-­‐term disease across host-­‐parasite populations
05 December 2017 Laura Hepburn Mineralogy of reactive iron species: combining sequential extractions and Mössbauer spectroscopy
05 December 2017 Winter Symposium
12 December 2017 John Paterson Inclusive fitness in Bdelloid Rotifers -­ and -­ Mosquito control in an island environment
19 December 2017 Matt Nuttall Sustainable decision making in dynamic landscapes supporting biodiversity and people in the Eastern Plains Landscape of Cambodia
Spring 2017 Semester
DateSpeakerTitle of Presentation
24 January 2017 Morag Macpherson FOREMOD: Modelling tree disease and forest management strategies
31 January 2017 Matt Tinsley Why are animals more likely to succumb to infectious disease as they get older?
07 February 2017 Adam Hayward How a changing environment can influence evolution
14 February 2017 Sarah Buckerfield Geophysics in Australia to Poo in China (based in Scotland)
Mid-semester reading period Monday 20 February - Friday 24 February (inclusive)
21 February 2017 Zarah Pattison From alien plant invaders to faecal contaminants…but both in freshwater systems!
28 February 2017 Emma Bush How is equality and diversity fairing among BES’ PhD students?
07 March 2017 Penelope Whitehorn  The buzzing of bumblebees and the next adventure 
14 March 2017 Jeremy Cusack  The spatial and temporal responses of prey to predators: insights from camera traps and GPS collars 
21 March 2017 Anna Doeser Detecting the biological success of river restoration - exploring sampling and data analysis techniques to improve sensitivity to channel re-meandering 
28 March 2017 Isobel Swinscoe Exploiting insects as feed for sustainable salmon farming- identifying the risks of pathogen transfer within the production chain 
04 April 2017 Louisa Habermann Understanding Soil Fertility Legacies in Coigach-Assynt
11 April 2017 Helen Taylor-Boyd Bats in Agricultural Landscapes in Zambia
18 April 2017 Tim Paine  The scientific publishing process
25 April 2017 Maggie Cusack Biominerals in the environment & in bone therapies
02 May 2017 Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor Are secondary woodlands providing suitable resources for biodiversity? Bats as a case study
09 May 2017 Eileen Tisdall 'Feedback, huh what is it good for – absolutely nothing- say it again’… how can we get to grips with feedback and those low NSS scores?
16 May 2017 Allan Cochrane Corals to Chironomids
23 May 2017 N/A  N/A
30 May 2017 Laura Hepburn Hydrothermal sediment geochemistry south of the Antarctic Polar Front
06 June 2017 Ian Simpson Sacred Spaces: Creating new narratives for UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal
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