Face shape variations

These components were derived from 50 images of youngish men, with ostensibly neutral expressions. The positions of 38 points, such as the corners of eyes, nose and mouth, were located for each face. A principal components analysis was performed on the resulting sets of coordinates. The variance captured by each component is revealed by morphing an average shaped face in a series of small steps in the direction specified by the PCA coefficients.Please note that the location of the eyes is fixed, thus with component 2, they seem to move in and out as the face changes size, and component 5 looks very odd as it attempts to tilt the head, while leaving the eyes fixed. 

  1.  Despite the faces all nominally looking at the camera, the first component is simply the head angle - nodding
  2.  Second component is size of the face
  3.  Third component is to do with the vertical location of features within the face
  4.  Fourth component is rotation - shaking the head
  5.  Fifth component is skew of head 
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