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steve_peter_morphStirling has a long history of face research. We study almost all aspects of face perception, including low level visual processing, adaptation, gaze perception, social perception such as mate preference and attractiveness, mechanisms of recognition and forensic aspects such as unfamiliar face matching and eye witness recovery of memories for faces.

We run an MSc in the psychology of faces. We host the face research mailing list and the PICS face database. The EvoFIT facial composite system was developed here.

If you have some time, please participate in online studies.


Nadia Ayal The influence of gaze cues on the observer’s visual attention.
Anna Bobak

Individual differences in unfamiliar face recognition. Forensic and national security applications; super-recognisers. 

David Donaldson Human memory and ERPs; familiarity and recollection effects for faces.
Peter Hancock Representations for face recognition, modelling human performance.  Forensic applications; face matching and facial composite systems.
Stephen Langton  Capture and direction of attention by faces.
Kristen Knowles  Cooperation, competition, and pro-sociality in voices and faces.
Viktoria Mileva  The expression and perception of dominance.
Ailsa Millen Detecting lies about person recognition. 
Craig Roberts  Human mate choice; determinants of attractiveness.
Pejman Safaie Perception of face attractiveness and body image in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
Sarah-Jane Vick  Analysis of expressions, especially in non-human primates.
Roger Watt  Understanding low level human vision; interpreting the information content of faces.


We have a dedicated face research lab, with testing cubicles, a Tobii eyetracker, a 3D camera system and a meeting room.  Other facilities include the Psychological Imaging Laboratory and the Playgroup.

Tobii eyetracker in use 3D imaging camera setup

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