BIOU7PT: Proteomics & Systems Biology

CO-ORDINATOR: Dr Michael Leaver (Aquaculture)

Aims and Objectives

The course will expose students to the range of information encompassed by proteomics and systems biology and the integrated nature of these fields of biology. Worked examples outlined in lectures, and completed in the practical class, aim to enable students to:

  • access information from biomolecular databases
  • apply appropriate software to the analysis of biomolecular information
  • appreciate the application of proteomics and systems biology to medical, agricultural and biological research.

Acquired Skills

  • Knowledge: developing background knowledge in proteomics and systems biology
  • Written communication: Report writing and note taking
  • IT: accessing biomolecular databases, using biomolecular software tools and compiling results in lab reports.
  • Information retrieval: use of library and internet
  • Time management: covering course material, report preparation and preparing for exam.


  • Student led presentations (20%) on proteomic research relevant to your degree subject
  • Lab report (2,500 words) (20%)
  • End of term exam (60%) to assess specific & cognitive knowledge

Lecture Programme

  • Revise gene/protein
  • Expression systems
  • Protein structure
  • Structure analysis
  • Proteomics I & II
  • Applications of Bioinformatics I & II
  • Systems Biology I & II
  • Student Presentations I & II
  • Revision tutorial 

Practial - What can I so with my protein sequence?

Recommended Reading

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