Online experiment signup system

The Division uses an online booking system, to match participants to experiments.


Much psychological research uses experimental studies, for which participants are required. Students registered for PSYU911, PSYU912, PSYU9A3 and PSYU9A4 are required to obtain 4 tokens.  Some of our studies offer reimbursement, at £5 per hour, to those who do not require course tokens, such as non-psychology students or staff.

Some of the studies are online and may be completed whenever is suitable, others require attendance at a particular time and place which may be booked online. The system will email a reminder about such bookings: please make every effort to turn up on schedule or to let the experimenter know in advance if you are unable to do so.

All our studies conform to the BPS ethical guidelines: participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from a study at any time.

New User

New participants may request a login automatically, using the link at the bottom of the system login page, or directly here. If you don't have a student number, e.g. because you are not a student, leave that field blank, but if you do have one, it helps to put it in.

New researchers should email their name, userid, email address and optionally their phone number to the Learning and Teaching Administrator at

In both cases, an email will confirm your registration on the system.

Note for Researchers: the "ethics committee code" that you need when setting up a study can be anything: it's a required field not used by us.  Put something sensible for the expiry date, such as when your study will be complete.

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