Biological and Environmental Sciences Research Groups

Beginning in 2014, we are expanding research in applied biological sciences.  New staff will be appointed in the broad area of molecular and cellular biology, integrating research using tools from molecular microbiology, genomics, proteomics and general systems biology.  This development will complement existing research within Biological & Environmental Sciences in areas such as immune system function and the molecular basis of microbial function in terrestrial and marine environments.

Our research seeks to understand the fundamental processes driving the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity from the genetic to the ecosystem level, how environments and ecosystems have changed over annual to millennial timescales and to predict and mitigate the future impacts of anthropogenic change and natural hazards. We are exploiting and pioneer in techniques from the molecular level to the global scale through earth observation.  We have a unique focus on the relationships between people and the environment and findings are used to inform policy makers and practitioners in conservation and environmental regulation, planning and management.

Our research and impacts positions us as a leading institution in the area of Environmental Protection and Biological Conservation.

We are organized into two research groups: 

We also host the following conservation organisation:

The Scottish office of the independent scientific research trust investigating the populations, movements and ecology of British wild birds. More information.

‌We also have close links with the RSPB.

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