Sobia Khurram

PhD Student, Management Education Centre

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Subject/Title: Challenges/Issues in Implementation of NPM Institutional Reforms in Developing Countries:
a study of Civil Services Reforms in Pakistan. 
First Supervisor: Professor William Webster 
Second Supervisor:  TBA 


Sobia Khurram is a Lecturer at Institute of Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab, Pakistan and holds a degree of MBA and MS in Management from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. She teaches Research Methods and Techniques and HRM and her research interests include antecedents and consequences of perceived organizational support, governance and administrative reforms. Current research projects focus on implementation of NPM reforms and civil service reforms in developing countries.

Research Interests

In the aftermath of the political crisis of 1999 Pakistan has undertaken a number of major institutional reforms. What are these reforms? Why were they undertaken? What is the outcome of the reforms? What role various interest groups have played in implementing these reforms? In answering these questions this proposal aims to undertake an analysis of the institutional reforms currently going on in Pakistan in the form of civil services reforms. This proposal also aims to examine the influence that New Public Management thought had in the inception, adoption and implementation of these institutional reforms. Also since Pakistan is in the process of implementing second generation reforms, what are the implementation issues need to be considered and what lessons can be drawn from similar experiences in other developing countries where such reform efforts have not met success? What were the reasons behind reform implementation failure in other developing countries and do such findings also threaten the success of on going reform implementation in Pakistan? This proposal also aims to identify remedies to overcome implementation failure of institutional reforms in the backdrop of developing countries.

Supervisor: Professor Rob Ball

2nd Supervisor: Dr. William Webster and Dr. Zafar Iqbal Jadoon

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