Past graduands

GraduandTopic/Supervisor(s)Post PhD Destination
Sinead Urquhart
Corporate Governance Disclosure and the Role of Nomads: Evidence from the Alternative Investment Market [Isaac Tabner/Kevin Campbell] ICAS, Edinburgh
Mohamed Esmail Lotfi Elmaghrabi
The Institutionalisation of Integrated Reporting: An Exploration of Adoption, Sustainability Embeddedness and Decoupling [Colin Dey/Ioannis Tsalavoutas] Lecturer, Damietta University, Egypt
Hany Mohamed Aziz Elzahar 2014 Determinants and Consequences of Key Performance Indicator Reporting by UK Non-financial Firms [Khaled Hussainey/Ioannis Tsalavoutas] Lecturer, Damietta University, Egypt
Frederick Changwony 2014 Three Essays in Household Finance [Kevin Campbell/Isaac Tabner] Lecturer, Moi University, Kenya
Viteva, Svetlana
The Informational Efficiency of the European Carbon Market
[Kevin Campbell/Yulia Veld-Merkoulova]
Investment Analyst, Baillie Gifford
Rahim, Norhuda Abdul
A study on the market reaction to hybrid securities announcements
[Alan Goodacre/Chris Veld]
Lecturer, University Putra Malaysia
Wang, Yan
The influence of board of director networks and corporate governance on firm performance and CEO compensation
[Kevin Campbell/Isaac Tabner]
Lecturer in Finance, University of Huddersfield
Elshandidy, Tamer
The Main Incentives for Mandatory and Voluntary Risk Reporting (MRR and VRR) Across the USA, the UK and Germany.
[Ian Fraser/Khaled Hussainey]
Lecturer in Accounting, University of Bristol
Abdullah, Mazni
IFRS Convergence Issues in Developing Countries: The Case of Malaysia.
[Lisa Evans/Ian Fraser]
Lecturer, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
Li, Hao
The roles of CEO compensation on expectation management, cost of debt and R&D spending: UK evidences
[Rezaul Kabir/Yulia Veld-Merkoulova/Isaac Tabner]
Equity Analyst, Fortune Securities, Changsha, China
Kutum, Imad
The Application of Business Risk Audit Methodology within non-big-4 firms.
[Ian Fraser/Khaled Hussainey]
Assistant Professor, American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Al Khtani, Sultan
The Relevance of International Financial Reporting Standards to Saudi Arabia.
[Lisa Evans/Ian Fraser]
Assistant Professor, King Khalid University in Abha, Saudi Arabia
Minhat, Marizah
Three Essays in CEO Compensation in the UK
[Rez Kabir/Chris Veld]
Lecturer, Napier University
Dzolkarnaini, Nazam
Determinants of the use of debt and leasing in the UK Corporate Financing Decisions.
[Alan Goodacre/Kevin Campbell]
Lecturer, Salford University 
Mat Daud, Zaidi
The Study of the Audit Expectations Gap in the Public Sector of Malaysia.
[Professor Rob Ball (Management)/Ian Fraser]
Lecturer, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Al-Dohaiman, Mohammed
Capital Structure in Saudi Arabian Listed and Unlisted Companies.
[Alan Goodacre/Kevin Campbell]
Assistant Professor of Finance, Riyadh College of Technology, Saudi Arabia
Abidin, Shamharir
Audit Market Concentration and Auditor Choice in the UK.
[Alan Goodacre/Vivien Beattie]
Senior Lecturer/University-Industry Link Coordinator, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Ahmad Zaluki, Nurwati
The Performance of Malaysian Initial Public Offerings and Earnings Management.
[Kevin Campbell/Alan Goodacre]
Senior Lecturer/Programme Coordinator, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Siganos, Antonios
The Momentum Effect on the London Stock Exchange
[Patricia Chelley-Steeley/Kevin Campbell]
Lecturer, University of Glasgow 
Lucey, Brian
Calendar Seasonality In The Irish Equity Market 1988-1998
[Kevin Campbell]
Lecturer, Trinity College, Dublin
Thadani, Ajay
The effects of beta, size and book-to-market on UK stock returns: risk adjustment, characteristic factors and the cross-section of expected stock returns
[Jim Steeley/Kevin Campbell]
Quantitative Equity Analyst at London & Capital Asset Management Ltd 
Tabner, Isaac
The relationship between concentration and realised volatility: an empirical investigation of the FTSE 100 Index: January 1984 through March 2003
[Kevin Campbell]
Lecturer, University of Stirling
Ahmed, Farooq
Testing the efficiency of the gilt-edged market around the recent innovations in market operations and instruments
[Jim Steeley/Kevin Campbell]
Lecturer, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Thomson, Sarah Jane
The role of leasing in UK corporate financing decisions, accounting treatment and market impact
[Alan Goodacre/Vivien Beattie]
Lecturer, Heriott-Watt University
Ng, Christina
Corporate governance systems and ownership structures: implications for corporate performance - evidence from Hong Kong
[Kevin Campbell]
Abdul Rahman, Rashidah
The effect of corporate acquisitions on operating performance of Malaysian companies [Robin Limmack] Lecturer, University of Malaysia
Past MPhil/MSc by Research graduandsTopic/ SupervisorPost PhD Destination
Damien Sneddon
Analysis of the Narrative Disclosures Made by US firms in a Single Industry Sector, Including a Comparative Analysis with UK Firms From the Same Sector.
[Bill McInnes/Vivien Beattie]
Scottish Funding Council, Edinburgh  
Jude Lindsay
Analysis of Narrative in the Unaudited Sections of Annual Reports of Best Practice Companies
[Bill McInnes/Kevin Campbell]
Strategic Planning and Membership Department of the International Telecommunication Union, Geneva
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