Working Papers

‌The papers listed below are Stirling Economics Discussion Papers in a new series started in 2008. Those for earlier years can be accessed from the links on the left. Other papers are available on RePEc .

Any of the papers below may be downloaded by clicking on the entry in the title column of the table.

Paper No.Author(s), TitlePDF file size
2017-01 SEDP-2017-01 'Compulsory Education and Teenage Motherhood' 662KB
2016-01 SEDP-2016-01-Torres-Hanley' Economic valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services in the 21st century: An overview from a management perspective' 1,657KB
2015-01 SEDP-2015-01-Delaney-Lades ' Present Bias and Everyday Self-Control Failures ' 895KB
2014-12 SEDP-2014-12-Chen-MacDonald ' Measuring the Euro-Dollar Permanent Equilibrium Exchange Rate using the Unobserved Components Model' 332KB
2014-11 SEDP-2014-11-Chen-Kirsanova-Leith 'An Empirical Assessment of Optimal Monetary Policy Delegation in the Euro Area' 1,266KB
2014-10 SEDP-2014-10-Daly-Delaney-Doyle-Fitzpatrick-O'Farrelly 'Can Early Intervention Policies Improve Well-being? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial*'  572KB
2014-09 SEDP-2014-09-Binder-Lades 'Autonomy-enhancing paternalism' 396KB
2014-08 SEDP-2014-08-Greasly-Hanley-McLaughlin-Oxley: Empirical Tests of Mainstream Theories of Economic Growth'  812KB
2014-06 SEDP-2014-06Czajkowski-Hanley-Nyborg 'Social norms, morals and self-interested behaviour as determinants of pro-environment behaviour' 379KB
2014-05 SEDP-2014-05-Czajkowski-Hanley-LaRiviere-Simpson 'What is the Causal Effect of Information and Learning about a Public Good on Willingness to Pay?' 456KB


SEDP-2014-03-Oxley-Hanley-Greasley-Blum-McLaughlin-Kunnas- 'Empirical testing of genuine savings as an indicator of weak sustainability: a three-country analysis of long run trends'



SEDP-2014-02-Delaney-Fink-Harmon‌ 'Effects of stress on economic decision-making: Evidence from laboratory experiments' 608KB


SEDP-2014-01-Lange-Moro-Rahman 'Policy Labels and Investment Decision-making'  430KB


SEDP-2013-13-Blum, McLaughlin & Hanley 'Genuine savings and future well-being in Germany, 1850-2000' 922KB


SEDP-2013-12 - Hart, Roberts ‘The rise and fall of piecework–timework wage differentials: market volatility, labor heterogeneity, and output pricing’  436KB


SEDP-2013-11 - Czajkowski, Hanley, LaRiviere ‘ The Effects of Experience on Preference Uncertainty: Theory and Empirics for Public and Quasi-Public Environmental Goods'  537KB


Adam Kleczkowski Ciaran Ellis Dave Goulson Frans P. de Vries Nick Hanley 'Ecological-economic modelling of interactions between wild and commercial bees and pesticide use''  401KB


Simanti Banerjee, Frans P. de Vries, Nick Hanley & Daan van Soest ‘The Impact of Information Provision on Agglomeration Bonus Performance: An Experimental Study on Local Networks  349KB


Jeff Bryan, Ian Lange & Alex MacDonald 'Estimating the Price of ROCs '  541KB


 Robert A. Hart & Yue Ma 'Overtime Working and Contract Efficiency'  578KB


David Greasley, Nick Hanley, Jan Kunnas, Eoin McLaughlin, Les Oxley and Paul Warde 'Comprehensive investment and future well-being in the USA, 1869-2000' 1,060KB




Niels Jobstvogt , Nick Hanley , Stephen Hynes , Jasper Kenter & Ursula Witte 'Twenty Thousand Sterling Under the Sea: Estimating the value of protecting deep-sea biodiversity'‌ 1,039KB


Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Industrial composition, methods of compensation, and real earnings in the Great Depression' 599KB


Susana Ferreira, Alpaslan Akay, Finbarr Brereton, Juncal Cuñado, Peter Martinsson, Mirko Moro & Tine F. Ningal 'Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in Europe' 657KB




David Greasley, Nick Hanley, Jan Kunnas, Eoin McLaughlin, Les Oxley & Paul Warde 'Testing the predictive power of genuine savings as a long-run indicator of future well-being'


2012-17 Mikołaj Czajkowski, Nick Hanley & Jacob LaRiviere 'The Effects of Experience on Preference Uncertainty: Theory and Empirics for Public and Quasi-Public Goods' 498KB
2012-16 Jan Kunnas, Eoin McLaughlin, Nick Hanley, Les Oxley, David Greasley & Paul Warde ‘How Environmental Pollution from Fossil Fuels can be included in measures of National Accounts and Estimates of Genuine Savings’ 560KB
2012-15 Karen Turner ‘‘Rebound’ effects from increased energy efficiency: a time to pause and reflect’  439KB
2012-14 Glenn Bush, Nick Hanley, Mirko Moro & Daniel Rondeau 'Measuring the Local Opportunity Costs of Conservation: A Provision Point Mechanism for Willingness-to-Accept. 498KB
2012-13 David Bell & Alasdair Rutherford 'Long-Term Care and the Housing Market' 466KB
2012-12 ‌   500KB
2012-11 Ronnie MacPherson & Ian Lange 'Determinants of the green electricity tariff uptake in the UK' 597KB
2012-10 Robert A. Hart, Mirko Moro & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Date of birth, family background, and the 11 plus exam: short- and long-term consequences of the 1944 secondary education reforms in England and Wales' 642KB
2012-09 Laurent Franckx & Frans P. de Vries 'A Note on Organizational Design and the Optimal Allocation of Environmental Liability' 191KB
2012-08 Karen Turner, Ian Lange, Patrizio Lecca & Soo Jung Ha 'Econometric estimation of nested production functions and testing in a computable general equilibrium analysis of economy-wide rebound effects' 328KB
2012-07 Oliver Falck, Robert Gold & Stephan Heblich 'E-Lections: Voting Behavior and the Internet' 568KB
2012-06 Mikołaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley 'More random or more deterministic choices? The effects of information on preferences for biodiversity conservation.' 431KB
2012-05 Eoin McLaughlin, David Greasley, Nick Hanley, Les Oxley & Paul Warde 'Testing for long-run “sustainability”: Genuine Savings estimates for Britain, 1760-2000' 957KB
2012-04 Xiaoshan Chen, Alexandros Kontonikas & Alberto Montagnoli 'Asset Prices, Credit and the Business Cycle' 356KB
2012-03 Ian Lange & Sarah Polborn 'Can lobbying encourage abatement? Designing a new policy instrument 341KB
2012-02 Nick Hanley, Simanti Banerjee, Gareth D. Lennox & Paul R. Armsworth 'How should we incentivize private landowners to “produce” more biodiversity?' 660KB
2012-01 Mikołaj Czajkowski, Tadeusz Kądziela & Nick Hanley 'We want to sort! – assessing households’ preferences for sorting waste 435KB
2011-20 Sergio Colombo, Nick Hanley & Mike Christie ' What are the consequences of ignoring attributes in choice experiments? An application to ecosystem service values' 796KB
2011-19 Simanti Banerjee, James S Shortle & Anthony M Kwasnica 'An Iterative Auction for Spatially Contiguous Land Management: An Experimental Analysi'



2011-18 Simanti Banerjee,Anthony M. Kwasnica & James S. Shortle 'Agglomeration Bonus in Local Networks: A laboratory examination of spatial coordination failure' 496KB
2011-17 Oliver Falck, Christina Guenther, Stephan Heblich & William R. Kerr 'From Russia with Love:The Impact of Relocated Firms on Incumbent Survival' 772KB
2011-16 Andreas Ferrara, Ian Lange 'Voluntary Programs to Encourage Diffusion: The Case of the Combined Heat-and-Power Partnership' 247KB
2011-15 Frans P. de Vries, Bouwe R. Dijkstra & Matthew McGinty 'Emissions Trading and Intersectoral Dynamics: Absolute versus Relative Design Schemes' 288KB
2011-14 Oliver Falck,Stephan Heblich & Susanne Link 'The Evils of Forced Migration: Do Integration Policies Alleviate Migrants’ Economic Situations?' 768KB
2011-13 Karen Turner,Nick Hanley,Cathy Xin Cui,Soo Jung Ha,Peter McGregor,Kim Swales & Ya Ping Yin 'Productivity Growth, Decoupling and Pollution Leakage' 543KB
2011-12 Glenn Bush, Nick Hanley & Daniel Rondeau 'Comparing opportunity cost measures of forest conservation in Uganda; implications for assessing the distributional impacts of forest management approaches' 490KB
2011-11 Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Spot wages, job changes, and the cycle' 554KB
2011-10 David N.F. Bell 'Council Tax Proposals in the Scottish Election 2011' 651KB
2011-09 Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts 'Real wage cyclicality and the Great Depression: evidence from British engineering and metal working firms' 424KB
2011-08 Cathy Xin Cui,Soo Jung Ha,Geoffrey Hewings & Karen Turner 'Input-output analyses of the pollution content of intra- and inter-national trade flows' 351KB
2011-07 Mirko Moro,Karen Mayor,Seán Lyons & Richard S.J. Tol 'Does the housing market reflect cultural heritage? A case study of Greater Dublin' 1,089KB
2011-06 Karen Turner, Max Mundy, Peter McGregor & Kim Swales 'How responsible is a region for its carbon emissions? An integrated input-output and CGE analysis' 733KB
2011-05 Allen Bellas, Duane Finney & Ian Lange 'Technological Advance in Cooling Systems at U.S. Power Plants' 268KB
2011-04 Karen Turner, Michelle Gilmartin, Peter G. McGregor & J. Kim Swales 'An integrated IO and CGE approach to analysing changes in environmental trade balances' 831KB
2011-03 Tianshu Zhao, Victor Murinde & Kupukile Mlambo 'How Does the Institutional Setting for Creditor Rights Affect Bank Lending and Risk-Taking?' 750KB
2011-02 Cati Torres, Nick Hanley & Sergio Colombo 'Incorrectly accounting for taste heterogeneity in choice experiments: Does it really matter for welfare measurement?' 345KB
2011-01 Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich, Alfred Lameli & Jens Südekum 'Dialects, Cultural Identity, and Economic Exchange' 1.34MB
2010-19 Soo Jung Ha, Karen Turner, Geoffrey Hewings, Peter McGregor & J. Kim Swales 'Econometric estimation of Armington import elasticities and their system-wide impact in a regional CGE model of Illinois economy' 705KB
2010-18 Patrizio Lecca, Kim Swales & Karen Turner 'An investigation of issues relating to where energy should enter the production function' 439KB
2010-17 Karen Turner & Nick Hanley 'Energy Efficiency, Rebound Effects and the Environmental Kuznets Curve' 846KB
2010-16 Karen Turner , Janine De Fence ,Peter McGregor ,Max Munday & Kim Swales 'Incorporating jurisdiction issues into an analysis of carbon attributable to Welsh final consumption under different economic conditions: an integrated IO and CGE analysis' 1.50MB
2010-15 Paul Alagidede ,Theodore Panagiotidis & Xu Zhang 'Why a Diversified Portfolio Should Include African Assets' 540KB
2010-14 Nick Hanley, Szvetlana Acs, Martin Dallimer, Kevin J. Gaston, Anil Graves, Joe Morris & Paul R. Armsworth 'Likely Impacts of Future Agricultural Change on Upland Farming and Biodiversity' 548KB
2010-12 Cati Torres ,Nick Hanley & Antoni Riera 'How wrong can you be? Implications of incorrect utility function specification for welfare measurement in choice experiments ' 1.18Mb
2010-11 Paul Alagidede, Simeon Coleman & Juan Carlos Cuestas, Persistence of Inflationary shocks: Implications for West African Monetary Union Membership 452KB
2010-10 Susana Ferreira & Mirko Moro, Constructing Genuine Savings Indicators for Ireland, 1995-2005 574KB
2010-09 Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts, Real wages, working time, and the Great Depression. 1045KB
2010-08 Julien Grenet, Robert A. Hart & J. Elizabeth Roberts, Above and beyond the call. Long-term real earnings effects of British male military conscription in the post-war years, forthcoming in Labour Economics 675KB
2010-07 Paul Alagidede & Theodore Panagiotidis, Can Common Stocks Provide A Hedge Against Inflation? Evidence from African Countries 670KB
2010-06 Alasdair Rutherford, On the Up: Voluntary Sector Wages in the UK 1998 - 2007 1053KB
2010-05 Paul Alagidede, Theodore Panagiotidis & Xu Zhang, Causal Relationship between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates 736KB
2010-04 David N.F. Bell & David G. Blanchflower, Youth Unemployment: Deja Vu?  641KB
2010-03 David N.F. Bell & Robert A. Hart, Retire Later or Work Harder? 475KB
2010-02 Nick Hanley & Ian A. MacKenzie, The effects of rent seeking over tradable pollution permits 224KB
2010-01 Sascha O. Becker & Ludger Woessmann, The Effect of Protestantism on Education before the Industrialization: Evidence from 1816 Prussia - published in Economics Letters (2010), 107(2), 224-228. 246KB
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