Marketing and Retail Consultancy Project (MKTU9M7)


Semester:                  Autumn

Credit Value:              40

Module Coordinator:  Ms Linda McGilvray

Contact Hours:          16 Lecture, 5 client presentations 12 Seminar

plus adhoc projects meetings as required.

Assessment:              100% coursework

Module Overview:

It is the starting point of a module designed to deliver something that you’ll remember, possibly with mixed emotions, and find valuable for a number of years after this, your penultimate semester. This is the 21th year of the M7 Marketing Decisions experience, provided uniquely at Stirling, and it has evolved substantially since it was launched. 

This double-weighted core module is designed to build upon the work of the previous six semesters and to prepare you for the final semester to follow.  Specific preparation for your final semester will involve a programme of lectures to guide formulation of your dissertation research proposal and will be delivered as an integral but discrete and free-standing part of M7.  (Full details of this dissertation component are provided in a supplementary MKT9M8 Marketing Dissertation hand out and Succeed.)   This integration has been designed to lay a solid foundation in both group and individual research skills that should also promote the prospects of your future career using marketing. 

The M7 module has been designed to be different, demanding and to be enjoyable too.  You should exit the completed module with a noticeably different and improved skills set and knowledge base which will further shape your existing USPs.  But to get all this, your full and complete commitment, right from the very start, to both the individual and group components of the module is vital.


The module aims to develop your ability to make marketing decisions typical of those undertaken within the contemporary marketing environment.  The student should accumulate an increased appreciation of the practical application of marketing theory acquired in earlier modules and be better prepared for the forthcoming tasks of the dissertation; and above all for a career using marketing.


To demonstrate the practical application of marketing techniques.

To make and communicate decisions to achieve project goals.

To develop research and presentation skills on an individual basis and as part of a team.

Learning Outcomes:

A broad range of skills are advanced and refined from your earlier accumulation including:

Intellectual skills: theoretical applications, data acquisition, analysis and critical evaluation;

Practical skills: organisation and management of project resources individually and collectively;

Transferable skills: understand, create, communicate and deliver marketing solutions;


After completion of the module students should be able to develop:

(1)  The ability to understand the development of appropriate marketing strategies within a changing environment to meet various business, marketing and stakeholder demands

(2)  A rounded awareness of how to undertake qualitative and quantitative research and apply this knowledge in different contexts

(3)  A comprehension and use of relevant communication and information technologies for application in business and marketing

(4)  An ability to interact and study with others and to constructively practice multiple management skills including communication, problem-solving, data analysis, independent action and teamwork

(5)  Effective self-management, self-branding and self-reflection


Suggested Reading

The reading, which includes model, theories and concepts as well as background material is specific for each individual projects.

This module information is representative of what is included in the module in a given year. Details of actual reading, lectures and coursework may vary year to year and will be available at the beginning of the semester.

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