Evolution and Practice of Sustainable Business

This module information is representative of what is included in the module in a given year. Details of actual reading, lectures and coursework may vary year to year and will be available at the beginning of the semester.  

Module Co-ordinator

Dr Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour       





Credit value


Contact hours

40 hours


 100% coursework


The aims and objectives (OB) which the module needs to reach are:

  • To understand sustainable management through a systems-based approach, in which the existing frameworks are organised from macro to a micro-level perspective.
  • To understand and criticise the main macro-level frameworks and models that support strategic sustainable business, including: (a) management of sustainable value; (b) circular economy and one-planet prosperity; (c) sustainable strategic planning; (d) United Nations frameworks for sustainable management, including the UN Global Compact, sustainable development goals, and social life cycle assessment.
  • To navigate through the classic triple bottom line and potentials tensions that can emerge from it.
  • To develop an understanding on the main motivations and barriers towards sustainable business, taking in account latest data. 
  • To develop vital skills for unlocking strategic sustainable business. Students will be able to understand the evolutionary stages of sustainability of organisations and to plan its continued improvement. Proactive strategic sustainable management will be considered an ideal stage to be pursued.
  • To develop a comprehensive view on frameworks and practices that support strategic sustainable business within organisations, such as: (a) sustainable marketing; (b) sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship; (c) sustainable finance; (d) sustainable human resources; (e) sustainable operations and supply chains.
  • To apply a methodology for strategic sustainable management considering real business evidence.
  • To elaborate individual essays and group presentations in the sustainability field of knowledge.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module student will have:

  • Knowledge regarding the macro-context for strategic sustainable business.
  • Understanding the relationships between organisations and sustainability.
  • Reflecting on the evolutionary stages of sustainable management.
  • Knowledge regarding the classic triple-bottom line and its dimensions.
  • Development of awareness and critical though of potential tensions of strategic sustainable management.
  • Familiarisation with general/broad level frameworks for promoting sustainable business.
  • Elaborating convincing business cases for sustainability, based on challenges and opportunities.
  • Be able to apply a framework for deploying strategic sustainable management within organisations through a step-by-step approach.
  • Familiarisation with how each area of management (for example, marketing, human resources, operations, etc.) can contribute to strategic sustainable management initiatives.


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