MKTP024 Multichannel Marketing and Retailing



Multichannel Marketing and Retailing





Module Coordinator:

Dr Keri Davies

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100% Coursework

This is a new module which reflects current trends in marketing theory and practice and will explore the reality of the issues produced by the need to deliver a marketing promise across a range of channels.  It is an optional module offered as part of the school’s module portfolio. Whilst aimed primarily at marketing students, the content is relevant for other taught postgraduate management students with an interest in how modern businesses can create and deliver customer value.

The overall aim of this module is for students to gain a critical understanding of the importance of multi-channel marketing today. It will also aim to show the organizational and personal benefits that a more strategic viewpoint can bring for managers and others working in such an environment.

The online delivery mechanism reflects in large part the underlying logic and ethos of the content of the module itself.  It is also designed to meet the aims of the University’s nascent e-learning strategy.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to: 

  • Understand the basic principles involved in channel choice (from vending machines, catalogues and mail-order to physical stores to websites, smartphones and social media storefronts) from both the marketer’s and consumer’s point of view.
  • Explain the implications of concepts such as ‘need-for-touch’ and intangibility and show how the provision of information directly or through the proxy of a branding programme can build consumer trust in an organization across channels.
  • Consider the role of retail metrics and analytics in developing an understanding of consumer choices and the interaction of conventional and social media in developing customer touchpoints.

Students will be encouraged to develop an ability to translate practitioner materials into relevant academic and managerial insight.  They will develop their ability to order, analyse and synthesise evidence from various sources, and to present a coherent and well-argued case in support of their proposed objectives.

Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to analyse and critically evaluate the academic and practitioner literature on multi-channel marketing and show how it can be applied to a specific consumer context.

Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to analyse and critically evaluate potential solutions to a business multi-channel marketing problem drawing on relevant theories and conceptual frameworks 

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