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Stirling Management School has excellent links with local and national organisations. Guest speakers from across the private, public and third sectors regularly engage with our MSc students, providing a practical perspective on contemporary marketing topics through a series of guest lectures and workshops. Speakers include: Garry Lace - Manchester University, Martin Raymond - Cloudline PR Agency and Ken Thompson – Breakthrough Business Research.  

Students have recently worked on projects with representatives from EASA Training Ltd, Guzzle, Indigo Lighthouse, Labels4 Kids, RD Support, Snowsports Scotland, Scottish Biomedical, Stirling Art,  Stirling Bids, Waterski Scotland and Web Scientific.  

Robert Heeley, Business Development and Marketing Management, Web Scientific provided the following feedback after working with our MSc Marketing students.

Web Scientific Benefits From The Expertees Of Stirling University Marketing Students

From Feb-April this year Web Scientific entered into a collaboration with the university of Stirling Marketing Department in order to gain ‘hands on’ help and advice with our international marketing efforts.

One of the limitations for small organisations is that they often suffer from a shortage of available resources, including personnel, to allow them to execute the many tasks required to implement an effective overseas marketing strategy. Invariably, there isn’t a single solution to this problem since every company situation is different.

Focused research, however, from a dedicated team has the potential to highlight problem areas or deficits in current strategy, but also offer solutions which ultimately could allow access to new or emerging markets or customer groups. Engaging the services of budding marketing professionals is certainly advantageous in that it should allow access to various modern marketing techniques/strategies, quantitative or qualitative, which may otherwise be prohibitively costly or lengthy to pursue in a reasonable time frame.

The Postgraduate course at the University of Stirling assigns groups of 6 or 7 students to investigate 'live' marketing challenges currently facing local SME business. Following a 12 week period of research, participating organisations receive a report from which the findings and/or recommendations can be used to implement a revised marketing approach.

The aim of these projects is to develop the ability of Stirling marketing students to conduct research and make recommendations about the commercial decisions typical of those expected in the modern marketing environment and at the same time provide the client with meaningful advice to help secure future business growth.

Individuals involved in this project were, from left to right: Hao Chen, ZeNan Zhang, JiYang Huang, Zhe Li, Teng Tung Hu, Betty Chesire (all from the University of Stirling) and Dr. Robert Heeley (Web Scientific)


Ann-Maree Morrision, Managing Director, Labels4Kids provided the following feedback after completion of a student project with her company.

"Working with the MSc Marketing Masters students meant a fresh pair  of up-to-date eyes on the business and how we market to our customers. This was extremely useful to confirm that we are on the right track with our current marketing plan and our intended move forward plus the market we are intending to look at next. What is not given is an implementation method, more a theoretical view on how to analyse where to go next, or strategic view on the next move for us. This was useful to have."

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Tony I'Anson, Development Manager, Stirling Bids commented on his experience working with the Marketing students

"The Stirling BID steering group have found the working relationship with various groups of undergraduate, postgraduate and intern student researchers to be a highly productive process, that we aim to continue into the future - if Stirling businesses vote in favour of a Business Improvement District later this year.  The enthusiasm, intelligence and abilities with which they have taken on some quite intensive research, dealing face to face with small business owners and other stakeholders, has been very impressive as well as insightful in assisting the campaign strategy to secure a Yes vote in the Stirling BID ballot in late 2016.

Based on the positive experience of working with 13 students to date, it is a partnership with the University that the Stirling BID steering group want to continue, and expand upon as part of a successful 5 year BID term".

Sally Weatherthy shared her experience of working with the students and staff in the Marketing and Retail Division

"I own a start-up online resources company and, whilst I was spending a lot of energy on “marketing”, my efforts were not bearing fruit. I approached the Marketing and Retail Division of Stirling University to see if we could collaborate on a marketing strategy. As a solo entrepreneur, I am keen to learn every aspect of the business and felt that this learning process would be more effective than simply hiring a marketing firm. We stripped the company back to its basics and narrowed the marketing project down to identifying the customer profiles of the business and the best way to further relationships. I was delighted with the professionalism and drive that the marketing students gave to my project. These customer profiles offer me a solid foundation for all aspects of the business; from creating online content (blogs, eBooks, etc) to choosing which social media channels to engage with my audience. I certainly hope to work with this department again."


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