Marketing Communications and the Consumer


Marketing Communications and the Consumer





Module Coordinator:

Dr Markus Wohlfeil

Contact Hours:

30 Lecture, 10 Seminar


100% Coursework

This is a newly revised core module on the MSc Marketing and all its pathways and reflects in more depth on the one element of the marketing mix that most people generally associate with marketing – marketing communications. The module, therefore, deals with one of the most important concerns for effective and successful marketing campaigns: The organisation’s ability to interact and engage with consumers, and to foster the development of mutually beneficial consumer-brand relationships. In addition to reflecting on current trends in contemporary marketing theory and practice, particular emphasis is hereby placed on providing practical insights into the creative aspects of designing a marketing communications campaign.


The overall objective of this module is for students to gain through first-hand insights and practical experiences a detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of conceptual frameworks, theories, techniques and practices underpinning contemporary marketing communications as well as an appreciation for its creative aspects. In addition to recognising, analysing and critically interpreting how such insights would benefit the planning, implementation and execution of marketing communication campaigns for various types of organisations, students will also explore how understanding consumers from a cultural perspective is not only beneficial, but essential to the success of a brand’s communication strategy. A variety of topics from communication theory and understanding consumers over managerial issues in the IMC strategy development and media planning process to individual communication tools like advertising, public relations, selling, sales promotions, sponsorship and experiential marketing. Most importantly, in order to gain practical insights, the coursework will require students to develop, plan and propose an advertising campaign as well as design the suitable print or video ad for an assigned brand.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the module, the student should:

  1. Be able to demonstrate an in-depth and balanced theoretical appreciation of the conceptual frameworks, theories, processes and practices alongside current and emerging practitioner applications that underpin marketing communications, consumer behaviour, creative advertising design and media planning.
  2. Be able to appreciate and explain why and how a thorough understanding of your brand, its market and the consumers is essential for successful marketing communications campaigns.

  3. Be able to explain critically how marketing communications really works and consumers would respond to individual marketing communication campaigns (especially with regard to advertising, PR and experiential marketing) by drawing on relevant theoretical frameworks.

  4. Be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding and critical appreciation of the creative abilities and processes involved in developing an advertising campaign and designing an ad.

  5. Have developed an ability to interact, study and work with others as a team (not just in a team or with a team) to practice constructively multiple management skills in developing an advertising campaign and designing the relevant advertisement, such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, project management, task delegation and collective creativity.

  6. Have obtained and/or developed a critical appreciation further contemporary and pervasive issues in the development and design of marketing communication campaigns, such commercial awareness, creativity, critical imagination, innovation, collaboration  and entrepreneurship, but also responsibility and a critical awareness for ethical issues and the damaging consequences of poor or questionable marketing communication campaigns.

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