Digital Marketing and Advertising


Digital Marketing and Advertising





Module Coordinator:

Dr Markus Wohlfeil

Contact Hours:

15 Lecture, 5 Seminar


100% Coursework

This is a newly developed module that reflects on current trends in contemporary marketing theory and practice within digital and social media marketing as well as advertising. This module is an optional module offered as part of the Stirling Management School’s postgraduate module portfolio. Although it is specifically designed to complement the content of the MSc Marketing and all its pathways, the module could also be relevant to other postgraduate business and management students. However, it is strongly recommended that students have taken the module MKTP003 Marketing Communications and the Consumer previously.


The main objective of the module is for students to gain a critical understanding of a range of conceptual frameworks, theories and practices that either underpin or seek to explain the growing importance placed on digital and social media marketing in contemporary marketing theory and practice. In addition to examining the origins, key ideas and theoretical foundations as well as limitations and misconceptions behind the contemporary digital marketing and advertising “boom”, the module will also explore the role of social media in creating and designing unique interactive and engaging brand (communication) experiences for consumers. In doing so, the concepts of the “digital consumer” and “virtual communities” as well as the “darker sides” of digital marketing are scrutinised in a more critical light.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the module, the student should be able to:  

  • Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the origins, theoretical foundations and limitations underlying digital marketing strategies alongside current and emerging practitioner applications with regard to digital and social media marketing (communication) decisions, digital consumer behaviour and digital market research methods.
  • Demonstrate a critical assessment of the conceptual frameworks, ideas and theories that underpin behind our contemporary perception and understanding of the “digital consumer” and “virtual communities”.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how digital marketing strategies can meet a variety of business, marketing and stakeholder demands in a changing environment while also appreciating consumers’ expectations and perceptions of the organisation’s customer orientation and service delivery.
  • Demonstrate the theoretical and practical ability to use relevant communication and information technologies in the design, planning and implementation of a digital and/or social media marketing campaign for various different types or organisations.
  • Show an ability to practice multiple management skills including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, time-management, independent action and creative initiative.
  • Demonstrate a broader and critical appreciation for further contemporary and pervasive issues in the development of digital and social media marketing campaigns, such as commercial awareness, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, but also responsibility and a critical awareness for the dangerous and destructive consequences of digital marketing.












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