Personal & Professional Development for International Business (IBUP009)

This module information is representative of what is included in the module in a given year. Details of actual reading, lectures and coursework may vary year to year and will be available at the beginning of the semester.


Module Co-ordinator

Carol Marshall


Autumn and Spring



Credit value


Contact hours

 84 hours


100% coursework


Personal and Professional Development (PPD) is the basis of life-long learning and is designed to provide career support as many organisations become mature with talent management processes and practices. PPD on the MSc Business and Management (MBM) programme encompass two inter-related modules (BUSP001 delivered in Autumn and BUSP007 delivered in Spring), which are designed around a portfolio of personal and professional development activities, as well as engagement with practice and practitioners.

Both modules seek to help develop the self-awareness, critical thinking, leadership skills and team-working competences that are vital to becoming an effective and resilient manager. Throughout these modules, students are encouraged to develop methods of critical reflection to continuously enhance and transform their professional competences. In doing so, they will develop strategies for managing their own learning/study needs and career progression.

BUSP001 strives to develop students understanding of self. Being self-aware is identifying one’s own ‘beliefs, thoughts, motivations, biases, and limitations and recognising how they affect others’ (Austin and Boyle, 2010). It allows students to realistically assess their own abilities – their strengths and weaknesses, their effect on others, and the gaps that need to be filled. This module challenges students understanding of self through enhanced learning activities such as conflict resolution and facilitation, as well as team working and team building. Self-awareness is an important factor when building a team. Knowing your natural strengths and weaknesses makes you a better team player and team leader. BUSP001 also presents students with opportunities to engage with industry experts and experience industries in action enabling students to integrate learning from the MBM with real world practice.

Learning outcomes 

Upon completion of the module, you will have achieved:

  • Integrate the concepts and processes in the production and marketing of goods experienced in action through site visits to the theoretical concepts and processes in the production and marketing of goods delivered as part of the MBM Programme;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the techniques of a reflective practitioner in order to identify personal learning strengths and weaknesses;
  • Analyse own inter-personal strengths and weaknesses to improve interpersonal and personal communication;
  • Evaluate own beliefs, behaviours, values, or views in order to engage with those who differ from oneself;
  • Differentiate the different dynamics of individuals within a team and implement techniques to motivate and maintain an effective team;
  • Apply the techniques of reflection in order to identify personal learning strengths and weaknesses;
  • Adopt facilitation skills in the pursuit of excellent leadership qualities;
  • Analyse own personal preferences allowing for greater personal insight into coping and managing change;
  • Evaluate the links between facilitation, assertiveness, personal preferences and group dynamics and good leadership;
  • Recognise the fundamental relationship between study skills and personal transferable skills;
  • Recognise the relationship between lifelong skill development and personal development.



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