International Banking & Development Finance - BFIPOIB

International Banking and Development Finance              BFIP0IB





Credit value


Module Co-ordinator


Contact hours

12 lectures plus 5 seminars


100% assessment (resubmission available)


  • To provide students with the basic knowledge and understanding of how banks operate at an international level.
  • To provide an overview of financial instruments in a multi-currency world
  • To learn about the link between access to finance, financial instruments and economic development, and illustrate the role of banks in achieving these objectives.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

  • Financial markets and institutions in the context of economic development
  • Foreign currency management, forecasting exchange rate systems and sources of financing available to businesses
  • How bank regulation takes account of the risks facing international banks across different countries
  • The reasons why do financial markets fail
  • The likely policy responses of multilateral financial institutions
  • The role of the foreign bank in promoting banking system efficiency in developing countries
  • The outcomes of liberalisation and how the institutional environment can mitigate adverse outcomes
  • The expansion of international banking markets and the sources of its efficiency gains
  • Why are the banking systems in different countries so diverse?
  • What determines the structure, performance and efficiency of banking and financial markets?
  • Why do banks conduct investment and private banking, what risks do they face, and what are the main strategic and performance features facing the global private and investment banking industry?
  • How do banks use futures, options, derivatives and swaps to manage their balance sheet and off-balance sheet risks?


Introductory reading

  • Spratt Stephen, 2009. Development Finance: Debates, Dogmas and New Directions. Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-42317-5.
  • Ball Laurence M., 2012. Money, Banking and Financial Markets. 2nd Edition. Worth Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-4292-4409-1.


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