Flying Start Leadership Programme

The University of Stirling Management School's innovative Flying Start Leadership Programme engages postgraduate students in a wide range of activities at the beginning of their Course which challenges their perspectives of culture, explores their beliefs and values, builds their self-confidence, and encourages them to share their ideas.

A group of students

Programme overview 

During the first two weeks of their studies, students are introduced to the tools and skills which enhances their understanding of self, thereby empowering them to set goals and make informed decisions.

Students participating in the Programme will:

  • discover more about the exciting period of learning ahead and the expectations of their Course;
  • develop and enhance levels of self-awareness to cope, work under-pressure, and manage conflict;
  • discover more about their own personal goals and objectives at the outset of their studies in relation to future career aspirations;
  • develop cultural intelligence and understanding of diversity of attitudes and behaviours, so that they can work responsibly in a global business environment;
  • understand what it takes to work as part of a successful team enabling them to confidently lead any situation in the future;
  • develop business presentation skills and improve public speaking skills;
  • improve time management skills that are applicable to any business environment;
  • build new friendships, and discover all that the University campus and the vibrant city of Stirling has to offer.


Flying Start Activities

The Programme delivers an exciting range of activities, workshops and events which introduces students to Stirling, and ensures that their time here takes off with a Flying Start!  Click here to discover more about the range of Flying Start activities. 


The Take-Off Conference

The Flying Start activities equip students with the skills to understand self and apply these throughout their studies.  In addition, during the Spring semester, students are encouraged to consider their next step by attending The Take-Off Conference.  This one-day School-wide career management conference offers students a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for launch into the world of employment. 

Making an impact

Students who participate in this Programme find themselves ready to embark upon their Masters course invigorated, prepared and committed to the learning journey ahead with newly developed skills. Here are just a few comments received from previous participants:

"The Flying Start Leadership Program was an extremely valuable experience which not only helped set the tone for what was to come but also helped prepare us for the group work assignments we were to face throughout the semester."

“Encouragement to mix with variety of people and cultures.”

“For international students, it's an easy way to have a link with new environment.”

“Thank you for organising this for us.  Instructors have been great and very encouraging.  A refreshing perspective on many subjects and a great way to meet people in the whole school.”

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Flying Start Leadership programme, in particular the team building and team working exercises as they gave me the opportunity to meet students and alumni from many different backgrounds and work alongside them on a various range of challenges which I found really engaging and informative. I feel this emphasized the importance of communication and decision-making in the team whilst working with people who brought a range of different skills along in order to complete these challenges." 

"I strongly believe that this programme has exceeded all its goals and objectives as, certainly this programme has surpassed all my expectations.  It has equipped me with the most valuable properties that every student should have from the beginning of their academic year and throughout their studies at a University."    

“You should be proud of this effort as you ready students for employment from the word go!  Where I came from these efforts are not even discussed, never mind encouraged!”


Students speaking with business mentors

Students in a workshop

Students doing teamwork

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