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Banking and Finance

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This MSc develops the knowledge and analytical skills needed for a successful career in banking, finance and related areas. It is aimed at students from a variety of backgrounds, including students with no previous training in economics or accountancy.

The course is taught by Economics and Accounting & Finance in the Stirling Management School. Both have long-standing, recognised expertise in teaching, research and practice in this area.‌

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Behavioural Science for Management

Behavioural Science

Behavioural science is a rapidly growing area for policy and business with fascinating insights into human behaviour and wide-ranging practical implications.

This exciting course teaches the core theory and methods of behavioural science and behavioural economics and how these can be applied to important business and policy-relevant issues.

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Business and Management

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The University has developed an enviable reputation for delivering world-class business and management courses, and for undertaking internationally recognised research. Students are supported by expert staff who seek to maintain Stirling’s position as a leader in producing excellent business graduates.

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Business and Management Research Methods

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The MRes in Business and Management Research Methods is a specialised degree for those looking to develop the skills to conduct high quality research into business, management, organisations and related areas. Many take the MRes in preparation for undertaking a doctorate (or take MRes modules as part of their first year PhD training) but the skills developed on the MRes will also be invaluable to those looking to conduct, evaluate and commission research in non-academic settings (for example in consultancy, development and policy making roles).

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Data Science for Business

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This new MSc has been designed in response to the rapid growth of Big data analytics in business decision-making.  

The course has been developed in consultation with key industry partners and is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the industrial and scientific relevance of advanced analytics and their application in strategic and operational decision-making for organisations across all sectors.

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DBA Doctor of Business Administration

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DBA: 3 years

Our unique research-focused DBA develops Researcher Practitioners in management and related fields. Graduates will be able to work within both universities as research-active academics and industry as research-informed senior managers and consultants. Graduates gain the level of research competency of a PhD combined with the in-depth and reflective knowledge of management theory and practice gained on a traditional DBA programme. A guided, stepped transition is provided to support people from a variety of educational and practitioner backgrounds to successfully become doctoral level researchers and practitioners.

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Economics for Business and Policy

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This course will develop your knowledge and analytical skills for a successful career as a business and policy analyst in the public, private or non-profit sectors. You’ll learn about interactions between international institutions, governments and households and develop an appreciation of the insights that economic analysis can bring to business and policy.

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The MSc Finance provides a thorough grounding in the theory and analytical techniques required by finance professionals. It offers students a global perspective on the process of financial decision-making and practical knowledge of the workings of financial markets and the price-setting process. Students will also learn to critically evaluate research and advanced scholarship in finance.‌

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International Accounting and Finance

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Globalisation, the growth of multinational enterprises, the convergence of international accounting practices and the expansion of the European Union all contribute to the importance of an international focus in accounting and finance education.

The increasing influence of international financial reporting standards and the shortage in some countries of international accounting expertise have led to significant demand for relevant education.‌

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International Business

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Management is a key part of the University’s teaching and research portfolio. The University has developed an enviable reputation for delivering world-class business and management courses, and for undertaking internationally recognised research. The course provides an opportunity for students to learn and to understand the business opportunities of an increasingly interdependent yet diverse business world.

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International Human Resource Management

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The MSc International Human Resource Management (IHRM) provides a broad understanding of the importance of effective people management in organisational development and business operations.  The course highlights current trends in the internationalisation of work, occupations and management activities and enables students to appreciate the challenges facing the HR profession and HRM practice in a global economy.  The course content addresses both contemporary debates on HR management practices, and business organisation governance and strategy in an international context.

The course offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed by HR managers and leaders in order to deliver responsible, participatory and sustainable service to their organisation operating with an international workforce or across the world.  It is especially designed for those who wish to work in organisations employing an international and diversified workforce, and those who seek responsibility for developing local and global HR systems that incorporate corporate social responsibility, innovation and participatory practices.

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Investment Analysis

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The MSc Investment Analysis is the UK’s longest-established postgraduate-level course in the field of investment management education. It is one of the very few Master’s degrees in the UK to have the status of University Affiliated Partner of CFA Institute and one of a select group of partner institutions worldwide.‌

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Management and English Language Teaching

Management and English Language Teaching

‌This course is designed for those who see themselves not only as teachers but also, potentially, as managers of language teaching schools or departments. 

Students will learn the key knowledge and skills needed to be a professional teacher of English as a Foreign Language combined, through modules taught in the Stirling Management School, with the competencies to manage a multicultural working environment. 

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Marketing is about creating, communicating, and delivering exchanges of value between an organisation and its customers that satisfy the customer, the organisation and society at large. The MSc Marketing course offers students from a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to understand and combine academic concepts and practice-related marketing issues. This unique combination of academic and practice allows for students to be well-positioned for future success in the field of marketing.

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MBA Master of Business Administration

Established in 1985, the Stirling MBA combines academic theory with real-life business case study analysis which will equip students with the awareness, knowledge, tools and techniques that are essential for dealing with business challenges in their parts of the world. The course offers a critical coverage of functional areas of business and management (finance, marketing, economics and human resource management) that are essential for effective management. This forms the basis upon which advanced modules are introduced that provide a strategic analysis of key concerns that are pertinent in business today.

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Behavioural Decision Making for Finance

The importance of behavioural biases in explaining financial outcomes is recognized by all the major players in the sector, from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to regulators such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and the US Federal Reserve. Increasingly, investment banks are adopting behaviourally-informed strategies. Additionally, with the advent of big data, there is unprecedented opportunity to uncover winning behavioural investment strategies – but only for the behaviourally-literate.


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Strategic Sustainable Business


This MSc in Strategic Sustainable Business provides you with the skills and knowledge for a successful career in sustainable business. It brings together knowledge and applied skills on strategic sustainable management and its environmental, social and economic dimensions. There are three key elements covered by the course: sustainable business, strategic management, and entrepreneurship to lead sustainable change.​​

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