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Four great reasons to study at Stirling:

The Stirling experience

The first new University in Scotland in 400 years - pioneering and innovative are two words that encapsulate Stirling’s ethos. Blending arts and science, our study and research is relevant today, informs future generations and improves lives globally.

Inspiring study

Stirling is an exciting, diverse, vibrant University where innovative thinking and shared knowledge transform lives and shape the world for the better. If your interest is study and research, make Stirling a home to your ideas.

Flexible subject choice

Stirling gives you the headspace to re-invent yourself. Our wide variety of courses mean that the topic of study you embark on, needn’t be the specialism you graduate in. We’re experts in understanding that people evolve and ideas change - we’re here to create the platform for this.

Giving you a global perspective

With some 115 nationalities on campus we know how to extend a warm Scottish welcome to new members of our community. Our diversity is one of the things that makes Stirling such an interesting place to be, where you can interact and make lifelong friendships.

Proven history and experience Stirling’s academic breadth Variety & flexibility of subject choice Wider view of the world

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Once you’re here

Immerse yourself in an environment custom-made for learning and life.

A warm welcome on campus

The University of Stirling provides you with a home from home. You'll feel relaxed knowing that the campus has a reputation for being friendly and safe enabling you to fully enjoy your time studying with us.

Your home from home

Moving into University accommodation signals a new chapter in your life. With a range of accommodation on offer, you’ll find Stirling provides much more than just four walls... it gives you a lifestyle, an environment and a community.

State of the art learning

Our state of the art library, easily accessible on campus, provides you with the ideal environment to pursue your studies, allowing you to harness cutting-edge technology that empowers your learning.

A vibrant city

Stirling is located at the centre of Scotland. The city offers a wide range of shops, restaurants and leisure activities. With excellent transport links to Edinburgh, Glasgow and their international airports, Stirling is an ideal, easily accessible location in which to broaden your horizons.

A warm welcome on campus Your home from home State of the art learning City of Stirling

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Love your
new life

Make new friends and fully participate in the Stirling experience.

Fun and friends

Not only will you grow academically at Stirling, you’ll also develop as an individual. A key part of this is meeting new friends and participating in the various clubs, societies and activities. There is something for everyone and we look forward to welcoming you.

Our focus is you

Coming to University is a major step in your life and from time to time you may need extra support. We work hard to assist you in all aspects of your learning and welfare.

Heart-racing sport

If you like sport, you’re going to love Stirling - we are Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence. Whether you’re on a mission to become an elite athlete, or you are an “occasional” gym user, you’ll get access to world-class facilities that are second to none.

Student life

Student life is all about giving you a new perspective. At Stirling you can live, study and spend your leisure time on campus with your new friends and participate in a range of activities. Love your new lifeā€¦ and love life at Stirling.

Fun and Friends Empower yourself Heart-racing sport Love your new life

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Your bright future

A degree from the University of Stirling opens up a world of opportunities.

Celebrating success

Your time at University is a journey in personal development. With your hard work and our guidance, the opportunities presented to you will help shape the rest of your life.

Equipped for the future

University prepares you for life. With our support and guidance, we will help you achieve your career aspirations.

Celebrating success Equipped for the future

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