Printing & Photocopying

Printing in the labs and photocopying in the Library is managed by the same system. All staff and students have a print account attached to their network account. This print account is debited whenever any printing or photocopying is done. More information about the staff print system in departments.

Introductory videos on how to use the printers and copiers 
How to print
Printer/copier locations
Queue names/Printing from your own laptop
Crediting your print/copy account
How to photocopy
How to scan
Graphics and Print Services
Staff Print System

Videos on how to use the printers and copiers

Wonders of the Modern World: printing at the University of Stirling



How to print

1. Send your print job from the lab computer

    • From your application (eg Word, Excel) select File then Print
        • for standard double sided printing select twosided. For single-sided printing select onesided - the default setting is double-sided.
        • for other types of printing (ie colour,A3 etc) see queuenames
    • Select Print.

2. Release your print job from the printer/copier

Your print job sits on a server (for a maximum of 72 hrs/3 days) until you release it at a printer/copier on campus (dissertation print jobs must be released in the 1a11a Student Print Suite). To release it:

    • Log on to the printer/copier with your university ID card (touch card to black card reader on the side of the machine) or you can use the touch panel on top of the machine to login with your usual network username and password.
    • Select 'Release' on the panel
    • From the list, touch the job you want to print and then press the big green button to start the printer
    • If you want to print all of the documents you have listed then select 'select all' and then press the green print button.

3. Press the Access button twice to log off.

Printer/Copier Locations

Standard Printing/Copying/Scanning

(Print to : all print queues except the dissertation ones)

  • Library level 2 : 2 machines
  • Library level 3 : 2 machines
  • Library level 4 : 2 machines
  • Library level 2 Short Loan: 1 machine (only prints from \\ricoh\accessible print queue)
  • Cottrell 2A18 : 3 machines
  • Library Study Zone: 2 machines

Print areas are marked on the Library floorplan

Staff printers in public places that can also release student print jobs:

Library Art Wall printer
Desktop printer in 2a18
Two machines in 4v3

Dissertation quality printing

(Print to : dissertation print queues)

  • Cottrell print suite 1a11a: 3 machines with high quality paper 


Queue names for student printers / Printing from your own laptop

The  student printer/copiers are all able to do mono (black) and colour printing, print doublesided and single sided, print in A4 and A3, and print stapled jobs.  To tell the printer which variation of print job you want, you have to select the appropriate print queue when you send your job to print.

Below is a list of the print queues that are available on student lab machines. To connect to them on your own Windows laptop, follow these instructions WHILE YOU ARE CONNECTED TO EDUROAM:

  • go to the Start button, in the Search bar, type:
  • \\studentprint\  then press enter
  • Enter username in format  STUDENTS\username
  • Enter password
  • Choose print queue you want to install then double click it (eg twosided, onesided). Agree to any prompts

When you've finished this process, you should be able to send documents to the student print system from within the applications (Word / Excel etc) on your laptop by using File>Print and choosing the relevant print queue (eg \\studentprint\twosided etc)

If you wish to print from your own Apple Mac, please follow these instructions:  Student Printing using a Mac 

Standard print queues - can be released on any printer except the dissertation printers in 1a11a

  • \\studentprint\twosided  - this is the default print queue on student lab PCs
  • \\studentprint\onesided
  • \\studentprint\colour-twosided
  • \\studentprint\colour-onesided
  • \\studentprint\staple-twosided-A4
  • \\studentprint\staple-onesided-A4
  • \\studentprint\colour-A3
  • \\studentprint\mono-A3
  • \\studentprint\ricoh-accessible (to release your job on the height adjustable printers in Library Short Loan and Pathfoot G10)


Dissertation print queues - can only be released in the Dissertation Print Suite, Cottrell 1a11a

  • \\studentprint\dissertation-onesided
  • \\studentprint\dissertation-twosided
  • \\studentprint\dissertation-colour-onesided
  • \\studentprint\dissertation-colour-twosided
  • \\studentprint\dissertation-colour-A3
  • \\studentprint\dissertation-mono-A3

Crediting your print/copy account

Using a Moneyloader

To add cash to your print and photocopy account, you must use a Moneyloader. There are 3 Moneyloaders on campus:

  • Library atrium,
  • near the Cottrell porter's desk,
  • In Pathfoot G1.

Problems should be reported to the Information Centre, Library.

Topping up online

It is also possible to top up larger amounts online via the portal.  Go to 'My portal' and click buy link in the Print/Copy area.  You can then top up amounts of £5 or more.  PLEASE take care not to over credit your account as IS does not give refunds.  See our charges list.


How to photocopy

How to photocopy at the University of Stirling


Self service photocopying is available on all of the student printer/copiers.

Personal photocopying (students and staff)

•login to the printer/copier

Basic copying

•Press ‘copy’ button on panel

•Lift lid and place your document/book on glass or info the feeder on the top

•Select your options (page size/colour). When ready, press large blue button to start machine

Departmental photocopying (in the Library)

Academic staff and some research postgraduates can print and photocopy in the library using the staff MFD located on Level 2 of the library next to the art wall.  Staff and RPGs can also release their print jobs sent to the staff print queues on the student printers.

External users

External users can request a photocopy account from the Lending desk at the Information Centre. You will need to add money to your account either at the Lending desk or at a Moneyloader.

Serviced Photocopying

We will photocopy periodical articles or book chapters for staff and students of the university, within legal limits (not more than one chapter of a book or one article from any one issue of a periodical). The charge is 15p per A4 sheet. On receipt you will be required to pay, and sign a copyright declaration. 

How to scan

You can scan a document or page using the scan to email function on the Printer/Copiers.  This will take a copy of your document and email it to your university email account.  There is no charge for scanning.

To scan:

  • login to the machine using your card or your username/password on the touch screen
  • press scan/fax  (these machines are not able to fax)
  • on the next screen, press the box 'email me', put your document on the glass or on the document feeder (on top of the machine)
  • press start to send the scan
  • logout using the 'Access' button
  • check your email - you should find your scanned document


Charging for mixed print jobs (some colour pages/some black)

The printers are set to always check how many colour pages and how many mono (black) pages are contained within a print job and will charge accordingly so you will never be charged full colour rates for a mixed print job.

To Staple from the colour print queues

The standard A4 colour queues are colour onesided and colour twosided. To add a staple, select Print Options, Properties, Finish, Staple and select from left corner or two positions (these are the only staple options available).

Refunds for jobs that get jammed in the printer

The printers always only charge for pages that have actually been printed, ie if a printer breaks down or jams half way through your print job, you will only be charged for the pages that have actually been printed.  Refunds should therefore not be necessary. If you get some pages that are poor in quality or damaged in some way, you can bring them to the Information Centre in the Library and we can refund the job for you.

Print Balance

To find out how much credit you have in your account, logon to the university portal via and check the amounts under Print/Copy on your portal. You can also buy print credits online by clicking on the "Buy".  There is a minimum payment amount of £5.

Summary of costs

Initial allocation (free quota) = £6 per academic year* 

Ongoing cost MONO PRINTING (b&w) = 5p per single sided sheet and 4p per side double sided

Ongoing cost PHOTOCOPYING = 5p per single sided sheet and 4p per side double sided

Ongoing cost HIGH QUALITY/COLOUR PRINTING. High quality printing (suitable for dissertations) in mono and colour and on A3 and A4 paper is possible in the Student Print Suite in 1A11a. 

Ongoing cost (balance under ‘My Top Up’ on portal)
Thereafter printing is charged at the rate of 5p per single sided sheet and 4p per side double sided. It is therefore cheaper to print double sided. Photocopying is charged at the rate of 4p per single sided sheet and 3p per side double sided. Any money added by students to their account via the Moneyloader can be carried forward from one year to the next (this will happen automatically). It has been agreed with the departments that all assignments (except dissertations) can be handed in printed double sided.

*Initial allocation (balance under ‘free quota’ on portal)
All students receive a free print allocation of £6 per academic year. This allocation is non-transferable and non-refundable so if you don't use it you cannot carry it forward to next year or receive a cash refund. Nor can any of the initial allocation (or any money credited to you by an academic department be sold/transferred to another student.

Refund / transfer of funds

Any money left in your account at the end of your course of study at Stirling will not be refunded. We therefore advise that you monitor your printing/photocopying balance more carefully in your final semester in order to avoid having credit left in the system when you graduate. However, we can arrange for amounts greater than £5 to be transferred to a student who is continuing in their studies. Please email the Information Centrefrom your university email account with details of your own username, the username of the person you're transferring the credit to, plus their name and the amount you want to transfer.  We can only transfer user credited balance - not any of the free allocation.

Printing Price List

please note that mixed jobs: those including some colour and some mono (black) pages, are always charged at the appropriate rate eg the printer will only print colour rates for the colour pages within your document.


Paper Weight

Queue name

Cost per sheet

Pick up from printer

Standard Mono (b&w)






all Printer-Copiers except 1a11a





as above
to print mono A3, use one of queues above and change paper setting to A3        
Standard Colour
colour-onesided 14p as above
colour-twosided 24p as above
colour-A3 16p (single sided) as above
colour-A3 14p per side double sided as above
A4 standard staple-onesided-A4  5p as above
A4 standard staple-twosided-A4  8p as above
High quality/dissertation mono and colour
100 gms
dissertation-onesided 5p 1a11a
100 gms
dissertation-twosided 8p 1a11a
100 gms
dissertation-colour-onesided 16p 1a11a
100 gms
dissertation-colour-twosided 28p 1a11a
100 gms
dissertation-mono-A3 10p 1a11a
100 gms
dissertation-colour-A3 18p 1a11a
 Accessible printer/copier        
A4 standard  ricoh-accessible   Library Short Loan & Pathfoot G10


Copying Price List


Photocopying (mono/b&w)
  no of sides    



Single side


all copier/printers
Double sided 8p as above


Single side 8p as above
Double sided 12p as above
Colour photocopying
Colour single side 14p as above


Colour double sided 24p as above


Colour single side 16p as above
Colour double sided 28p as above


 Scanning is free.



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