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What is the new service?

When you set up your connection to the Wi-Fi service, you are setting your device up to use a service called eduroam. eduroam (edu=education, roam=roaming) is an internationally accepted service which allows you to access the university network here at Stirling and also use the internet in thousands of eduroam institutions worldwide.  More information about the wider eduroam service.

How much does it cost?

Wi-Fi on Stirling campus is free of charge to staff and students of the University.

Where is it available?

The service is available in all university owned buildings.

How many devices can I configure for eduroam?

Each user can set up a maximum of 4 devices.  This figure is dictated by our licensing.  You can manage  your devices very easily via the 'MyDevices' portal:  Login with your normal network username and password.  You can remove devices here if you need to make room to add a new device.

Which devices can be set up for eduroam?

So far the following devices can be 'on-boarded' / set up to access eduroam:

  • windows laptop / PC 
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android devices

Instructions can be found on our Wi-Fi page.   

We also have an alternative method of getting devices connected to eduroam.  So far this has worked for Kindles, Chromebooks, Linux devices and Windows phones.

How to connect with a non-supported device?

If your device is not on our supported list (see above) please contact the Information Centre.

How do I access my university home folder over eduroam?

Windows users can access your home folder over eduroam as follows:

  • RIGHT click on an empty part of the desktop and choose new=>Shortcut
  • In the 'location' box, type \\wide\users\initial of your surname\your username eg. \\wide\users\d\trd00001**
  • Enter username in format STUDENTS\username, enter password
  • Give your shortcut a name eg ‘Uni home folder’
  • Click ‘Finish’

**STAFF would enter the path to your home folder on the network eg \\ness\isteams\xyz3 then login with username STIRLAN\username

How do I access the student print service from my Windows laptop?

  • go to the Start button, in the Search bar, type:
  • \\studentprint\  then press enter
  • Enter username in format  STUDENTS\username
  • Enter password
  • Choose print queue you want to install then double click it (eg twosided, onesided). Agree to any prompts.

Can I use my wireless printer over eduroam?

Sorry but no - most printers do not support the 802.1x security necessary for eduroam and therefore can't connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network.  You can however, get round this with most printers by using a cable to connect your printer directly to your laptop.

I need to use my desktop PC but it doesn't have a working Wi-Fi card

You can buy a USB Wi-Fi adaptor which will plug into your PC and allow you to access the Wi-Fi.  This is an example of the kind of device that is suitable (other makes/models are available): USB Wi-Fi adaptor on Amazon UK

Can I connect my games console (Xbox, Playstation) to Wi-Fi?

Yes Xboxes and Playstations can be connected to eduroam but you have to first register them on the MyDevices portal (using the MAC address) and then connecting them to the Wi-Fi signal 'UoS Multimedia'.  More information.

BitTorrent is very slow over eduroam - why?

BitTorrent is throttled to 20MB per user on eduroam.  This is because BitTorrent is mostly used for illegal downloading of movies.  The university is brought into disrepute by such activity and if you are caught (and you will be as the movie studios monitor illegal downloading of their films), your eduroam access will be suspended and you will be asked to bring your laptop into the Information Centre to have any torrenting applications removed.  Until this is done, you will not get back onto the Wi-Fi.  

Why do I need a Google play account to access the Wi-Fi?

Android users need a Google play account in order to get your device set up on eduroam.  This is because the set up process includes the downloading of an app called 'Cisco network assistant' which is needed to get your device set up for eduroam.  If you don't already use the Play store, you should get an account before attempting the setup as this will make the process easier.  

Can I use Apple TV?

Yes - Apple TV needs to be treated like a games console.  Set the device up via the MyDevices portal then connect to the UoS Multimedia Wi-Fi signal.  CAVEAT - AirPlay (streaming content from your iPad/iPhone or Mac to the Apple TV) will not work.  You can stream from the internet or using any other Apple online services.

Can I use Chromecast?

Sorry but no - Chromecast doesn't support any of the eduroam connection methods.



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