Your Network Account

A network account is an essential for accessing many systems at Stirling University, including:

  • computer network & computer labs
  • your email account
  • wireless network - eduroam
  • portal
  • access to online library resources
  • print & photocopy System

Discovering your network account

When you are in possession of a student registration number or a staff number the quickest way to get your username and password, is to run the account discovery process.



How to discover your IT account - On Campus

How to discover your IT account - Off Campus 

Changing your password

If you want to change your password, you can do so by going to this web page. You must know your username and your old password in order to do this. If you have forgotten your password, you should contact the Information Centre, Tel 01786 467250. You will be asked some security questions to verify your identity and your account will then be rolled back into discovery mode. From there you can rediscover your username and reset your password as in the instructions above for account discovery.

Forgotten your username or password?

Forgotten username

If you have forgotten your username, you can use the 'Forgotten login' link at the bottom of the university home page (underneath the portal login boxes).  This will take you to this page: 'Forgotten login details'.  Here you have the option to get a reminder of your username - you will need your staff/student number and to have entered an alternative email address when you went through the account discovery process.  If you haven't yet entered a personal email address, you can contact the Information Centre to get your account reset to allow you to go back through the discovery process and set up a personal email address/get a username reminder.  After you've done this, you will be able to use the forgotten username service any time.

Forgotten password

To reset a forgotten password: click the 'Forgotten login details' link on the portal login page or on the university home page underneath the portal login boxes.  On the 'Forgotten login details' page, enter your username and date of birth in the boxes requested then when prompted answer the security question that you answered when you went through the discovery process.  After you've passed the security test, you can then enter your new password and confirm it. You will receive an email to confirm the reset.  If you cannot pass the security question, please contact the Information Centre. If you receive an email stating that you have reset your password when you haven't, please contact the Information Centre.

Password expiry and security

Staff and Research Postgraduates on the STIRLAN domain: your network password will expire every 365 days and you will need to choose a new password.  See our information about expiry of passwords and see also our security page for guidance on resetting your password.  Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate student passwords will not expire automatically but you are strongly advise to change your password regularly - see the advice on our security page.  Go to the portal 'Change password' page to reset your password.

What happens to your network account when you leave

Your account will be disabled as soon as you graduate from Stirling University. You will be notified by email at least twice that this is about to happen. When the account is disabled you will no longer have access to the portal, lab PCs, library electronic resources, eduroam etc.

Taught postgraduate and undergraduate students will continue to have access to your student email account for 12 months following graduation.

Home Folders & Email

Home folder
Before your computer account is disabled it is important to take a copy of any files or information located in your Home Folder which you might require once you have left. If you don't back up your home folder before graduating, we can send you this data on CD for a fee of £20. This service is only available for six months after you graduate, after which your data is deleted from the University systems. To request the service, please contact the Information Centre.

Student email account - undergraduate and postgraduate taught students
Your student email account will remain active for 12 months following graduation but you will no longer be able to access it via the student portal. You can gain direct access from Alternatively you can set up a forward on your student email to redirect email to another email account. At the end of the 12 month period, you will no longer have access to your student email account but forwards will continue to function for a further 3 months after which your mailbox will be deleted. 

Student email account - postgraduate research students

We regret that it is not currently possible for postgraduate research student email accounts to be extended beyond graduation. Research students should see the advice to staff on how to set up an out of office message and a forward - this is easiest done using webmail. 

See our instructions.

University VPN & Licensed Software

You will no longer be able to access the university network using a VPN connection.

If you have installed any other software using a University licence, such as SPSS, this must also be removed from your computer using Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel.

Print / Photocopy credit

Before you leave, you should make sure that you have used up all of the balance in your printing and photocopying account. To check how much credit you have, logon to the portal and check the balance under 'Print Money Balances'. Information Services will not give refunds so it is in your interest to use the money before you go. Alternatively, if you contact the Information Centre by email, you can arrange for your remaining balance (amounts greater than £5) to be transferred to a friend who is continuing their studies. Sometimes there may be a delay in authorising transfer requests greater than £10 as the Information Centre will have to seek authorisation from management. Also, please note that money which has been credited to your account by an academic department for use in your studies, will not be eligible for transfer to another student.

Continuing your studies?

If you intend to continue studying at the university, and have been accepted on another course, your computer account will remain active providing your entry in the Student Records system accurately reflects this. It is primarily your Student Record that determines whether your computer account will be disabled or not.

If you require any further advice or assistance please contact the Information Centre.

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