The University has many agreements in place with national suppliers for all your hardware requirements.

If the specification you require cannot be fulfilled by the preferred supplier then alternatives are provided where Framework Agreements are available.  Please contact the Information Centre for help if required.

Quotes should be obtained in accordance with University financial regulations.

Desktop PCs

Information on purchasing Desktop PC equipment can be found below. 

Recommended staff desktop PC  (please log in with your university username/password)

(Full Scottish Government Desktop PC Framework details)

Portable PCs

The Higher Education sector has a number of contracts in place with suppliers for the supply of portable PCs under the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA). All purchase should use these suppliers.

In general, we recommend Toshiba laptops because of their quality and their worldwide support.
NDNA Toshiba pricelist

Below is a link which contains recommended models for certain scenarios from our preferred supplier, Stone Computers Ltd:

STANDARD LAPTOPS (login with your username/password)

  • These recommendations were arrived at using the following criteria - price, portability, battery life, durability, communications and global warranty.
  • These models are all available with a 3 year international warranty, and we strongly recommend a similar warranty if you buy an alternative make / model.
  • If these do not meet your requirements, please contact the Information Centre for assistance (information.centre@stir.ac.uk) or Stone Computer directly.

As Stone Computers are a new supplier of laptops, we would appreciate any feedback relating to any pre-order enquiries; the ordering process or delivery. Send any feedback to andrew.martin@stir.ac.uk including your purchase order number.


Tablets are now included in the national purchasing agreement.  Details available below. For Apple iPads please use Academia (details in Mac section below)

Tablet pricelist (XMA)  (please log in with your university username/password)

There is also a guide to purchasing tablets:  Considerations before purchasing Tablet computers

Agresso Supplier ID: 2008436
Please include the following on all Purchase Orders: Framework Reference: SP-16-001

Apple Macs including iPads, iDevices

For work purposes, we generally recommend that you purchase an iMac (desktop) or a MacBook Pro (laptop). We strongly recommend that you purchase a 3 year warranty when purchasing a Mac. To order from the supplier quoted below, please follow your departmental ordering procedure. This usually involves faxing a Purchase Order to the supplier. Please check with your departmental secretary for the preferred procedure in your department.

Supplier : Academia

Academia pricelist (blue column is the HE price).  Enter your uni username/password to access list.
For more detail of products see Academia web site (create an account to see prices)

Academia contact:

David Grant (Scotland and Midlands) 
01992 703 912


Peripherals include scanners, USB devices, keyboards, mice, cables etc.

If in doubt as to what peripherals you should be buying, please contact the Information Centre.

To order from any of the suppliers quoted, please follow your departmental ordering procedure. This usually involves faxing a Purchase Order to the supplier. Please check with your departmental secretary for the preferred procedure in your department.


Banner Website

Contact:  Alexandra Bryce
Regional Account Manager | Banner
M: 0743 597 1114 | E: alex.bryce@bbanner.co.uk
One Oakbank Park, Livingston, West Lothian EH53 0TG

Academia web site (create an account to see prices), 
Contact: David Grant (Scotland and Midlands), david.grant@academia.co.uk, 01992 703 912


Disposal of Equipment

Electrical waste

To dispose of general electrical waste (e.g. kettles, telephones etc) please ask the Porters to take the items to the electrical waste skip.

IT hardware

Please follow the procedure below for all base units and laptops and also monitors and printers that are not physically broken*:

1. Contact the Information Centre x7250 and log a call that you have equipment for disposal.

2. Mark the equipment with the call reference number given by the Info Centre.

3. Arrange with the porters to have the equipment taken to room 1A39.

4. For your School asset register records please keep a note of the following (for major items only, not for mice, keyboards etc):

                Type of device (e.g. base unit, monitor, laptop, printer)

                Manufacturer and model

                Serial Number

                Destination (disposal or cascade)

*For old mice, keyboards, cables and physically broken monitors & printers ask the Porters to dispose of them as electrical waste

Disposal of storage media (floppy discs, CDs, hard disks, USB drives):

Floppy discs, CDs - place in white confidential waste bag with green lettering available from the Porters. Contents will be shredded.

Magnetic media, videotapes - as above

Hard disks, USB drives - send to secure container via porters

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